Rewriting the History of 2020 Crime Albert Fox Cahn and Nina Loshkajian, Gotham Gazette

Axios AM Deep Dive: America’s murder surge Bryan Walsh, Axios

On front lines of LA’s homicide spike, these detectives race to solve mounting caseloads Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Murders are spiking. Police should be part of the solution. German Lopez, Vox

A ‘shoot to incapacitate’ policy puts Georgia police chief and town in the spotlight Jamie Thompson, Washington Post

In Louisiana, a father, a son and a culture of police abuse Jim Mustian and Jake Bleiberg, AP News

SEPTA rape fiasco is latest in a US pandemic of police lying. There must be consequences Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Let’s try something different’: Minneapolis residents to vote on ballot measure to replace police department Janelle Griffith, NBC News

Becoming Abolitionists by Derecka Purnell review – the case for defunding the police Nesrine Malik, The Guardian

With This Supreme Court, Forget About Police Reform Barry Friedman and Maria Ponomarenko, New York Times

The Supreme Court Is to Blame for Racist Policing Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Why Did the Supreme Court Stop This Particular Execution? Linda Greenhouse, New York Times

After racist juror busted, Black man still facing execution in Oklahoma MSNBC

Oregon Supreme Court ruling could end death sentences for many Conrad Wilson and Dirk VanderHart, Jefferson Public Radio

Cutting sentences for non-violent drug crimes on hold after judge objects. NJ fighting decision. Blake Nelson, NJ Advance Media

Staying Off the Sidelines: Judges as Agents for Justice System Reform Bridget Mary McCormack, Yale Law Journal

Stop obstructing justice reforms. It’s making us all less safe Gil Garcetti, Los Angeles Times

Criminal Justice Reform Requires Bolstering the Public Defender Dina Sayegh Doll, Bloomberg Law

Saying Their Names Inquest

Former Black Panther Russell “Maroon” Shoatz Freed From Prison After 49 Years Mike Ludwig, Truthout

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