How Do Bad Cops Stay in Power? Just Look at Miami. Marc Caputo, Politico Magazine

Supreme Court just doubled down on flawed qualified immunity rule. Why that matters. Joanna Schwartz, USA Today

Judge dismisses criminal charges against Park Police officers in Bijan Ghaisar slaying Tom Jackman, Washington Post

‘It’s a small enough town’: Privacy complicates jury selection in trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death N’dea Yancey-Bragg and Grace Hauck, USA Today

A Union Scandal Landed Hundreds of NYPD Officers on a Secret Watchlist. That Hasn’t Stopped Some From Jeopardizing Cases. Jake Pearson, ProPublica

When Cops Misbehave, Who Has the Right to Know? (2019) Abbie VanSickle, The Marshall Project

A ballot initiative on reforming the police after George Floyd’s death is tearing Minneapolis apart Holly Bailey, Washington Post

Can Brooklyn’s New US Attorney Help Restore Faith in Law Enforcement? Rebecca Davis O’Brien, New York Times

Colorado Passed a Major Police Reform. Will Other States Follow? Mary Harris, Slate

Prison Workers Top List of Those Not Complying With COVID-19 Mandate in Conn. NBC Connecticut

Debate over DNA testing for death row inmate headed to Florida Supreme Court Leonora LaPeter Anton, Tampa Bay Times

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime Ben Austen and Khalil Gibran Muhammad, New York Times

When a Witness Recants Jennifer Gonnerman, The New Yorker

Oregon Governor Grants Clemency To Dozens Of People Who Committed Crimes As Kids Jessica Schulberg, HuffPost

Home Was a Nightmare, Then Home Was Prison. Finally Home Is Now a Refuge. Marisa Endicott, Mother Jones

Julie Green, whose paintings immortalized prioners’ last meals, dies at 60 Harrison Smith, Washington Post

Why the FBI Loves Mob Podcasts Rachel Corbett, The New Yorker

The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence (2020) Ezra Marcus and James D. Walsh, New York Magazine

What It Was Like to Face the Monster of Sarah Lawrence James D. Walsh, New York Magazine

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