Who Keeps Us Safe? Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

Democrats in the ‘burbs: Actually, let’s fund the police Stephanie Murray, Politico

Hiring More Police Is Not a Great Way to Prevent Murders Austin Sanders, Austin Chronicle

NYC Cops Log Millions of Overtime Hours. New Yorkers Don’t Feel Safer. Fola Akinnibi, Sarah Holder, and Christopher Cannon, Bloomberg CityLab

Boston police arrested a Black man having a stroke. After $1.3 million payout, it’s unclear if anything’s changed Ally Jarmanning, WBUR

A Man With a Badge Nearly Killed Her. So She Got Her Own Badge. Michael Wilson, New York Times

Justices Consider ‘Upside Down’ Standard for Suing Police Jordan S. Rubin, Bloomberg Law

Philly officials point to abundance of illegal guns as driver of homicide surge Tom MacDonald, WHYY

A new program reaches out to the front line of anti-violence efforts in Chicago Patrick Smith, WBEZ

Gun Violence Expert Says Tackling Inequities Underlying Shootings Is Key To Prevention Laurie Udesky, WitnessLA

The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons Ashley Nellis, The Sentencing Project

Black Americans Make Up Over Half the Prison Population in These 12 States: Study Alexandra Hutzler, Newsweek

‘No Crime Is Worth That’ The Daily

Prisons Said It Was COVID Isolation. The Incarcerated Describe Torture. Jessica Schulberg and Christopher Blackwell, HuffPost

New York State’s New Death Penalty: The Death Toll of Mass Incarceration in a Post Execution Era Columbia University Center for Justice

Rikers Is Still Hell on Earth. Whatever Happened to Criminal-Justice Reform? Charles P. Pierce, Esquire

The History of Rikers Island Proves That Reform Isn’t Possible Nicholas Barber, City Limits

More than 200 women and transgender individuals will be transferred out of Rikers amid staffing crisis Victoria Albert, CBS News

Why not defer individual jail sentences? Joel Cohen, The Hill

What the Supreme Court Can and Can’t Do About Mass Incarceration in the Current Term Somil Trivedi, ACLU

Bryan Stevenson on tracing the legacy of American enslavement to modern-day mass incarceration Jamil Smith, Vox

‘Between the Bars’ Is a Breakout in the Conversation of Prison Reform Laura Pereira, Fordham Observer

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