Crime is up. But it’s not because people are criticizing the police. Richard Rosenfeld, Washington Post

Can Eric Adams Square His Pro-Police Image With Support For Community-Led Solutions to Violence? Chip Brownlee, The Trace

Back to the Eighties: Crime, Yucky Subways, and the Guardian Angels! Bruce Handy, The New Yorker

Nevada’s rising murder rate spawns political attacks, despite broad declines in crime Sean Golonka, Nevada Independent

Why the Media Won’t Stop Using ‘Officer-Involved Shootings’ The Appeal

The death of Karen Hylton-Brown was tragic. Prosecutors now say it was criminal. Editorial Board, Washington Post

On These Grounds: a shocking film about police brutality within US schools Radheyan Simonpillai, The Guardian

Policing Isn’t Supposed to Be Fun Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

Hundreds of Police Officers Have Died From Covid. Vaccines Remain a Hard Sell. Mitch Smith, New York Times

Prison staff death toll spikes after state relaxes coronavirus precautions behind bars Lauren McGaughy, Dallas Morning News

As county jail works to limit spread of COVID, staff member and inmate die of virus on same day Deneen Smith, Kenosha News

“They Are Throwing New Yorkers Into Cages on Rikers Island in Our Name!” Jocelyn Simonson, The Nation

How Can NYC End Rikers Island Chaos? We Asked Four People on the Front Lines Reuven Blau, The City

Decarcerate Rikers Now Jessica González-Rojas, Inquest

Bangor jail closes to all but most violent new arrestees during COVID outbreak Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

Bail reform pays dividends as number of low-risk defendants jailed pre-trial drops again Nikita Biryukov, New Jersey Monitor

The Varsity Blues Trial Is a Reminder of Our Corrupt Criminal Justice System Ira Stoll, Reason

Fatty Arbuckle and the Birth of the Celebrity Scandal Michael Schulman, The New Yorker

Unsolved Murdaugh Murders Expose Years of South Carolina Mysteries Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Richard Fausset, New York Times

Succession’s White-Collar Criminals New Republic

The Murders Down the Hall Greg Donahue, New York Magazine

True Crime Is Rotting Our Brains Emma Berquist, Gawker

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