Is the Window for System Change Closing? Jamila Hodge, The Crime Report  

The Collapse Of Criminal Legal Reform In The Black Mecca Tiffany Roberts, Essence

America Is Losing Its Black Police Officers David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Who Is the Real Erika Shields? Josh Wood, Louisville Magazine

Why Derecka Purnell went from police reformist to abolitionist: ‘It’s so we can get more free’ Tayo Bero, The Guardian

The Cover-up Machine Claire Lampen, New York Magazine

Lightfoot warns city could be sent ‘into chaos’ after Foxx’s latest decision to reject charges Tom Schuba and Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Police Department v. Kim Foxx Thomas Hogan, City Journal

Why is DA Ogg scapegoating misdemeanor bail reform in crime spike? Editorial Board, Houston Chronicle

A Massive Fail on Crime Reporting by The New York Times, NPR Scott Hechinger, The Nation

Despite skewed media image, Black men are more likely to be victimized than other groups Thaddeus L. Johnson and Natasha N. Johnson, USA Today

2020 Firearm Injuries Up More Than 70% — Worse in Black and Hispanic Young Men Ryan Bohochik, Lindsay Lin, Eric Lindgren, Johnston Thayer, and Adrianna Teriakidis, Epic Health Research Network

More Criminalization Isn’t the Answer to Gun Violence Benjamin Levin, Jacobin

Police Unions’ Latest Grievance: Vaccine Mandates Esther Wang, New Republic

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Could Exacerbate Understaffing in Federal Prisons, Union Warns Courtney Bublé, Government Executive

Many correctional officers remain unvaccinated as prison cases climb Teddy Rosenbluth, Concord Monitor

COVID precautions put more prisoners in isolation. It can mean long-term health woes Katja Ridderbusch, NPR

Dept. of Justice Report Suggests SF DA Boudin’s Prosecution Tactics Working to Reduce Crime Rates Alana Bleimann, Davis Vanguard

Legislators, public defenders call on DAs to stop pushing high bail given dangerous conditions at Rikers Island Graham Rayman, New York Daily News

I’m Writing This From Rikers Island. I Hope You Get the Help I Didn’t Jiovani Sanchez, City Limits

More women are serving life sentences. Experts are trying to determine why. Candice Norwood, The 19th

James Bond and the killer bag lady Mark Ames and Alexander Zaitchik, Salon

For Yinka Bokinni, Changing True Crime Is Personal L’Oréal Blackett, Bustle

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