FBI report likely to show record increase in murders in 2020 Russell Contreras, Axios

‘This is a crisis’: Oakland records 100th homicide of 2021, outpacing last year Abené Clayton, The Guardian

Oakland City Council Adds New Police Academy, More Officers Due To Rising Crime Rate Evan Symon, California Globe

Murder Rose by Almost 30% in 2020. It’s Rising at a Slower Rate in 2021. Jeff Asher, New York Times

Electronic Monitoring in Chicago Is Pervasive, Due to Sensationalist Crime Reporting Cathryn Crawford, Teen Vogue

Kansas Courts Uphold The Nation’s Toughest Rules For Tracking People After Conviction Blaise Mesa, KCUR

Don’t Led Misleading Claims Derail Federal Sentencing Reform Ames Grawert and Lauren-Brooke Eisen, Brennan Center for Justice

Bipartisan Police-Overhaul Talks End With No Deal Eliza Collins and Sadie Gurman, Wall Street Journal

Congressional Negotiators Have Failed To Reach A Deal On Police Reform Juana Summers, NPR

Can Peer Pressure Break Cycles of Violence? Nate Sanford, The Crime Report

Experts Say the Culture Is Often to Blame When Lock-ups Spin Out of Control Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

12th Death in Custody This Year Signals Growing Crisis in NYC Jails Jonah E. Bromwich and Jan Ransom, New York Times

De Blasio Rejects Decarceration as Human Rights Catastrophe Consumes Rikers Daniel Moritz-Rabson, Filter Magazine

COVID Is Surging Back Into Rikers and NYC Jails George Joseph, Gothamist

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, stop packing a major hot spot: prisons and jails Eric Reinhart, USA Today

Number of women serving life sentences without parole has surged over the past decade, report shows Christina Carrega, CNN

In Arizona, a radical change in juvenile detention Ruxandra Guidi, High Country News

Two miscarriages of justice reveal a sickening disparity Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

Everyone’s talking about Gabby Petito, but they’re having the wrong conversation, experts say Alia E. Dastagir, USA Today

Media Fascination With The Petito Mystery Looks Like Racism To Some Native Americans Kamila Kudelska, NPR

The Realities of Missing White Woman Syndrome Sam Stroozas, Newsweek

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