Why Was Vicha Ratanapakdee Killed? Jaeah Lee, New York Times Magazine

Biden Is Expanding Trump’s War on “Domestic Violent Extremism” – and It’s Sweeping Up Black People Aaron Miguel Cantú, The Intercept

Who is Deemed a ‘Domestic Terrorist’? The Crime Report

Trump lost, so why are Trump ideas watering down police reform bill in 2021? MSNBC

Where Lots of Police Shootings Draw Little Scrutiny Alysia Santo and RG Dunlop, The Marshall Project

It’s Easy For Police To Seize Money. Worcester’s District Attorney Makes It Hard To Get It Back Saurabh Datar and Shannon Dooling, WBUR

Criminal Justice Researchers Studied Over 4 Million 911 Calls. Here’s How Their Findings Could Influence Calls for Police Reform Josiah Bates, Time Magazine

“Defund the Police” Was a Rallying Cry in 2020. Minneapolis Is About to Vote on What That Means. Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Hot ‘Hot Spots’ Policing Can Reduce Community Violence Greg Berman, The Crime Report

To move forward after Ella French’s death, Chicago must address root causes of gun violence Arne Duncan, Chicago Tribune

What’s behind rising domestic and gun violence during the pandemic? Courtney Vinopal, PBS

Years in the making, R. Kelly sex abuse trial gets underway Tom Hays and Jim Mustian, AP News

13 Years After The Last R. Kelly Trial, The Culture Has Changed Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR

Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly and a Change in How Prosecutors Look at Sexual Assault (2019) Benjamin Weiser, Ali Watkins, and Joseph Goldstein, New York Times

Group pushes for task force to reimagine how local prosecutors can transform the criminal justice system Justin Jouvenal, Washington Post

Citing COVID threat, researchers urge policy changes to ease prison crowding Timothy Gower, Harvard Gazette

Federal inmates in Oregon report alarming health conditions as pandemic continues Conrad Wilson, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Extreme heat is turning prisons into ovens Kristin Toussaint, Fast Company

Three centuries later, a push to exonerate one last witch Andrew Brinker, Boston Globe

Dissecting the true crime genre Slate

What Do Fiction Writers Owe Their IRL Inspiration? Alice Bolin, New York Magazine

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