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In the second part of our coverage of Day 4 of Robert Durst’s testimony, Killed Them All of Course: Durst On The Stand – Day 4 (Part 2), host Kary Antholis and co-host Brittany Bookbinder discuss the some of the key moments of the last portion of Dick DeGuerin’s direct examination of Durst, including Durst’s explanation of the so-called “bathroom audio confession” and the stunning revelation — from Durst himself — that Morris Black knew what Durst was running from when he moved to Galveston, TX. This new information suggests that Black may have been a much lager threat to Durst’s anonymity than was previously understood. Kary and Brittany are joined by Charles V. Bagli, who is covering the trial for The New York Times and, to examine how this new information may impact the case.

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