PM Stories

In Texas, a Quarantine Camp for Migrants With COVID-19 Miriam Jordan, New York Times

COVID cases among state prisoners more than double since last week, with eight hospitalizations Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

Pennsylvania lawmakers make renewed effort to expand compassionate prison releases, so the elderly and terminally ill don’t have to die behind bars Lindsay Weber, Morning Call

Biden Exploring Clemency For Non-Violent Federal Drug Inmates, Advocates Want All Pot Prisoners Released Mauren Meehan, Yahoo! News

Advocates Challenge Mysterious Justice Department Statement That Undercuts Forensic Science Reform Jordan Smith, The Intercept

What’s Wrong with Forensic Science? Everything, Says Paper Emily Riley, The Crime Report

CSI Houston: How a Texas lab has remade the science of forensics Henry Gass, Christian Science Monitor

New Washington law requires kids to talk to attorneys before police can question them Donald W. Meyers, Yakima Herald-Republic

Four NJ cities to pilot new reentry program for juvenile offenders P. Kenneth Burns, WHYY

Restorative Justice Won’t Work Without This Crucial Piece Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

Bobby Shmurda’s New Lust for Life Joe Coscarelli, New York Times

A true-crime columnist turns his attention to Victorian-era serial killer Thomas Neill Cream Michael Dirda, Washington Post

AM Stories

Do Cops Make Us Safe? Malaika Jabali, Essence

‘Our Hands are Tied’: Cops Join Struggle Against Progressive DAs Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

Austin Police Decline to Investigate Complaints in Protest of Reform Attorneys Akela Lacy, The Intercept

Biden wants more transparency for police disciplinary records. Experts say it’s harder than it sounds. Taylor Avery, USA Today

‘Transparency’ not ‘shame’: NJ releases names of police officers punished for misconduct Steve Janoski,

LA sheriff’s detectives face charges after fellow deputy accuses them of lying Alene Tchekmedyian, Los Angeles Times

Intersection of mental health, police and races takes the life of another young Black man Thaddeus Johnson and Natasha Johnson, USA Today

Black Portlanders Are More Likely to Be Murdered Than Their Peers in Cities Better Known for Crime Nigel Jaquiss and Aaron Mesh, Willamette Week

Federal recovery money should fund Safe Streets and other anti-violence programs, advocates say Jessica Anderson, Baltimore Sun

New York to Roll Out Pioneering Violence Prevention Program That Involves Financial Incentives Champe Barton, The Trace

How Crime Fighting and Criminal Justice Reform Go Hand in Hand Oliver Wiseman, The Dispatch

Philly DA wants to hear from young people about the city’s gun violence epidemic Aaron Moselle, WHYY

Close Friends, Unwittingly Linked by a Childhood Shooting Ann Givens, The Trace

The Long History of American Cruelty Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, The Nation

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