PM Stories

Is Biden ending the death penalty? Frank R. Baumgartner, Washington Post

Biden vowed to end the death penalty. Can he keep his promise? Crystal Hill, Yahoo! News

Reversing a Midnight Expansion of the Death Penalty Megan Russo, Regulatory Review

A wave of new criminal justice laws were enacted in Colorado. Here are the big takeaways. Moe Clark, Colorado Newsline

Youth Recidivism Halved by San Francisco Program Blake Diaz, The Crime Report

Four Steps We Can Take To End Mass Incarceration Nicholas Turner, Forbes

LA district attorney’s past drives his push forward for reform Matt Reynolds, ABA Journal

Everyone in San Francisco Has Something to Say About Chesa Boudin Daniel Duane, New York Magazine

Was Miami man’s 3 decades in prison a case of mistaken identity? Prosecutors agree to review Charles Rabin, Miami Herald

His Conviction Was Overturned Amid Evidence of Innocence. The Supreme Court Could Throw It All Out. Liliana Segura, The Intercept

He spent 34 years in prison. Evidence on file for decades exonerated him last month. Caroline Anders, Washington Post

This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: The Plot to Kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. New York Magazine

Stillwater Isn’t a Typical True-Crime Drama David Sims, The Atlantic

AM Stories

Crime statistics and police are a deadly mix Joe Garofoli, San Francisco Chronicle

Police shootings continue daily, despite a pandemic, protests and pushes for reform Mark Berman, Julie Tate, and Jennifer Jenkins, Washington Post

Democrats want to flip ‘defund the police’ on Republicans. It could backfire. Zeeshan Aleem, MSNBC

Police officers become candidates as policing debate rages Michelle L. Price, AP News

Portland, Ore., Can’t Find Police for Unit to Fight Rising Murder Rate Zusha Elinson, Wall Street Journal

What Philadelphia Reveals About America’s Homicide Surge Alec MacGillis, The Trace

For some Black men and teens in Philly, relying on guns has become commonplace Mensah M. Dean, Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Grandmas buying shotguns’: US dealers see ammunition shortage as sales surge Edward Helmore, The Guardian

‘We should be doing more’: In St. Louis and KC, fixing vacancy to reduce gun violence Kaitlin Washburn and Humera Lodhi, Kansas City Star

Gun violence in America: Do something Alex Stone, ABC News

Dallas Cred Wants to Interrupt Violent Crime Before It Ever Happens Jacob Vaughn, Dallas Observer

A new look at a Watts uprising report shows what we haven’t learned about racism in America Andrew Lewis, Los Angeles Times

The Odyssey Stephen Kearse, The Nation

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