PM Stories

Violence Against Women: The ‘Shadow Pandemic’ Gareth Bryon, The Crime Report

California Relies on Incarcerated Women to Put Out Wildfires Mary Harris, Slate

For women in Illinois prisons, life isn’t reality TV, it’s just real Editorial Board, Chicago Tribune

What Incarceration Does to a Marriage Elizabeth Greenwood, The Atlantic

New data: People with incarcerated loved ones have shorter life expectancies and poorer health Emily Widra, Prison Policy Initiative

How the Federal Government Can Incentivize States To Reverse mass Incarceration Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Hernandez Stroud, Brennan Center for Justice

A Seat at the Table Joel Castón, Inquest

8 US attorney picks by Biden would include historic firsts Eric Tucker, AP News

Biden nominates Rachael Rollins as US Attorney for Massachusetts Andrea Estes and Jim Puzzanghera, Boston Globe

Two New Progressive County Prosecutors on Rethinking Criminal Justice in Michigan Detroit Today

Panel awards $10M to man wrongfully imprisoned for nearly 20 years in Detroit double slaying Oralandar Brand-Williams, Detroit News

A Year After Utah Passed A Law Encouraging Conviction Review Teams, Their Numbers Are Slowly Growing Sonja Hutson, KUER

Prison Abolition and the Innocence Movement Meera Santhanam, Pulitzer Center

Writing in the margins: The story behind Kingston’s Prison for Women magazine Luke Ottenhof, TVO

AM Stories

50-year war on drugs imprisoned millions of Black Americans Aaron Morrison, AP News

The War on Drugs Isn’t Even Working in Prison (2016) Kenneth E. Hartman, The Marshall Project

Inequality in America: How the war on drugs widened the gap Aaron Morrison, Christian Science Monitor

Race, Mass Incarceration, and the Disastrous War on Drugs Nkechi Taifa, Brennan Center for Justice

The First Step Act released them from prison. Then the government tried to lock them back up. Gavin Jenkins, Washington Post

Federal Inmates Eligible For Home Confinement Under CARES Act Pled For Their Release From Prison Walter Pavlo, Forbes

Unless Biden intervenes, people will needlessly be sent back to prison Editorial Board, Washington Post

Advocates Frustrated By Biden’s Silence On Justice Reform Sarah Martinson, Law360

A Murder ‘Solved’ in 4 Hours Sent the Wrong Man to Prison for 23 Years Jonah E. Bromwich and Arielle Dollinger, New York Times

Woman’s Prison Sentence Reduced Thanks to Hard Work Against 2020 Oregon Wildfires KPTV

Where do you go after 31 years in prison? He went to Walmart and brought his subscribers Patrice Gaines, NBC News

Caught on canvas: how armed robber has turned his life of crime into art Duncan Campbell, The Guardian

Lil Nas X’s new music video raises more than $21,000 to combat mass incarceration in just hours Li Cohen, CBS News

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