PM Stories

‘Law and Order’ has Worked for the GOP Before. This Crime Boom Might be Different. Joshua Zeitz, Politico

New ‘Crime Wave’? Not for Most Americans Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

316 people are shot every day in America. Here are 5 stories Rebecca Santana, Claudia Lauer, Susan Montoya Bryan, Casey Smith, Tom Foreman Jr. and Hilary Powell, AP News

After shootings, DC residents ask what city will do. ‘What’s in place isn’t working’ Michael Brice-Saddler, Julie Zauzmer, and Paul Schwartzmann, Washington Post

Biden administration takes aim at ‘straw’ purchasers of guns used in crimes Devlin Barrett, Washington Post

New federal strike force aims to cut inflow of guns to LA and target ‘ghost gun’ sellers Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Police Reforms Make Progress Against Entrenched Opposition JD Tuccille, Reason

In A Major Step For Chicago Police Reform, Civilians Gain Oversight Of Department Claudia Morell, NPR

Black Denver residents talk police reform amid rise in crime Allison Sherry, AP News

An Increase In Violent Crimes Is Complicating A Push To Defund The Minneapolis Police Martin Kaste, NPR

For a Black LAPD officer, police reckoning brings pressure from protesters and fellow cops Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

‘Constitutional Sheriff’ Wayne Ivey says he’s a patriot. Others see something more menacing. Alessandro Marazzi Sassoon, Florida Today

Know Your Enemy: The Afterlife of January 6 Matthew Sitman and Sam Adler-Bell, Dissent Magazine

Biden’s domestic terrorism strategy concerns advocates Betsy Woodruff Swan, Politico

AM Stories

Flipping the narrative of crime and punishment Nancy Kaffer, Detroit Free Press

Prisoners Freed During COVID are ‘Twisting in the Wind,’ Say Reformers The Crime Report

Biden Administration Putting Millions into Mitigating COVID Impacts on Prison Populations David Greenwald, Davis Vanguard

Restorative Justice Privilege Bill Becomes Law In Illinois Andrea Guthmann, WBEZ

DC reforms gave inmates a vote. Now an elected official is working from jail. Stephanie Lai, Washington Post  

After Two Decades and a DNA Test, Charges Are Dropped in Georgia Killings Jacey Fortin, New York Times

What Improves the Chances of Solving a Murder? Jeff Asher, New York Times

The ballad of the Chowchilla bus kidnapping Kaleb Horton, Vox

‘Deathbed Confessions’ Podcast Explores Infamous Last Words Andrea Marks, Rolling Stone

The Voice in the Viral Video Piper Kerman, Washington Post Magazine

The Dissenter Elon Green, The Appeal

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