PM Stories

All Crime Is Local David A. Graham, The Atlantic

The Murder Spike of 2020: When Police Pull Back Peter Moskos, Wall Street Journal

Permitless-Carry Laws Make It Easier to Pack Heat in Red America Neil Weinberg, Bloomberg

With Violence Still Surging, These States Want to Make It Even Easier to Carry Guns Chip Brownlee, The Trace

Outgunned: Why California’s groundbreaking firearms law is failing Robert Lewis, CalMatters

Garland launches gun trafficking strike forces in 5 cities Michael Balsamo, AP News

Hospitals Are Trying To Do What Politicians Haven’t: Stop Gun Violence Nick Wing, HuffPost

After Two Decades Helping Victims Through Tragedy, a Grocery Store Shooting Brought Her Work Home Ann Givens, The Trace

A Hidden Death Ardeshir Tabrizian, Eugene Weekly

Oakland Invests Big In Violence Prevention Department Sarah Ravani, Governing

NYC’s Non-Police Mental Health Pilot Increasing Rate of Those Getting Aid, Data Show NBC New York

AM Stories

Rising Violent Crime Is Likely To Present A Political Challenge For Democrats In 2022 Domenico Montanaro, NPR

Poll: 56% of Americans think violent crime is higher today than in the 1990s. It isn’t. Christopher Wilson and Andrew Romano, Yahoo! News

San Francisco’s shoplifting panic desperately needs some context Adam Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

Interactive: What solved murder data says about homicides in the US Nigel Chiwaya, Monica Hersher, Aadit Tambe, and Elliott Ramos, NBC News

They lost loved ones to gun violence. Then their grief was politicized Abené Clayton, The Guardian

Biden pitches crime plan to local leaders amid wave of gun violence Shannon Pettypiece and Geoff Bennett, NBC News

As Crime Rises In Denver, One Historically Black Neighborhood Considers What It Wants From Police Allison Sherry, Colorado Public Radio

Oversight of Chicago police handed to new civilian commission after years of public pressure Mark Guarino, Washington Post

Body Cameras Close the Racial Gap in Police Misconduct Investigations, New Research Shows Georgia State University

Police reform: Why it’s so tough to get – and keep – the right chief Henry Gass, Christian Science Monitor

Ex-DEA agent from California charged in US Capitol insurrection James Queally, Los Angeles Times

Sentencing the First Capitol Rioter Was the Easy Part Mary Harris, Slate

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