PM Stories

Biden Legal Team Decides Inmates Must Return to Prison After COVID Emergency Charlie Savage and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times

ACLU, NAACP among those pressing Biden to grant clemency to inmates sent home during COVID Kristine Phillips, USA Today

How the Federal Government Can Incentivize States To Reverse Mass Incarceration Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Hernandez Stroud, Brennan Center for Justice

Mass incarceration is bad law enforcement policy. It’s bad for the economy, too. Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

4 wealthy donors fuel overhaul of California’s criminal justice system Jeremy B. White, Politico

Recall, George Gascón and the troubles of progressive DAs Los Angeles Times

Criminal justice reform has made Marilyn Mosby a lightning rod in Baltimore, but the prosecutor’s progressive policies are based on research Neill Franklin, Baltimore Sun

DAs have discretion. Use it to decline prosecution in cases that target trans community. Satana Deberry, Justin Kollar, and Miriam Krinsky, USA Today

I was sexually assaulted in prison. Overhaul the system to protect the trans community Grace DeTrevarah, USA Today

Why are wrongly-convicted people still imprisoned in Missouri? CBS News

Fixing America’s Wrongful Conviction Problem Caleb Mills, Geopolitical Monitor

Exonerate or Abolish? Prison Abolition and the Innocence Movement Meera Santhanam, Pulitzer Center

A Personal Story of Justice David Leonhardt, New York Times

AM Stories

Republicans revive soft-on-crime rhetoric amid rise in US homicides Daniel Strauss, The Guardian

What the UK knows about violent crime that the US can’t figure out Gwen Adshead, Salon

Americans Are Worried About Crime, But That Doesn’t Mean They’re Blaming Democrats Nathaniel Rakich, FiveThirtyEight

OnPolitics: Not many Americans believe the police treat people equally Mabinty Quarshie, USA Today

Police officers treat Black and white men differently. You can hear it in their tone of voice Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times

What Do Police Know About Teenagers? Not Enough. Meryl Davids Landau, New York Times

He’s 11. By his mom’s count, he’s had more than 30 interactions with armed officers at school. Melanie Asmar, Chalkbeat

Illinois becomes first state to ban police from lying to minors during interrogations Chris Boyette, Veronica Stracqualursi, and Hameet Kaur, CNN

Officer reluctance continues to delay new Portland police team to help curb deadly gun violence Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian

San Jose Has Big Ambitions for Gun Control, But How Would the Measures Actually Work? Adhiti Bandlamudi, KQED

Oakland is making its first big investment in holistic approaches to violence reduction. Will it work? Sarah Ravani, San Francisco Chronicle

LaTanya Gordon Lost Two Sons to Gun Violence in Three Months. A Year Later, Both Cases Remain Unsolved – a Lack of Closure That Haunts Many Fatal Shootings Josiah Bates, Time Magazine

Arrested and beaten during civil rights protests, she’s 93 and finally telling her story Melissa Scott Sinclair, Washington Post

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