PM Stories

The Past, Present, and Future of COVID-19 in California Prisons Heather Harris and Joseph Hayes, Public Policy Institute of California

Did Dallas County Sheriff Marian Brown Let COVID-19 Hit Jails Hard? Michael Murney, Dallas Observer

Inmate Deaths In Hawaii Prisons And Jails Are On The Upswing This Year Kevin Dayton, Honolulu Civil Beat

Detroit’s Prison Population Will Soon Be Stuck Living Next to a Toxic Site Adam Mahoney, Truthout

Coerced Out of Justice: How Prosecutors Abuse Their Power to Secure Guilty Pleas Somil Trivedi and Jared Keenan, ACLU

The Power of Prosecutors Lili Loofbourow, Slate

MeToo Doesn’t Seem to Have Changed the Way New York Prosecutes Sexual Assault Marie Solis, Jezebel

‘Nobody Believed Me’: How Rape Cases Get Dropped Jan Ransom, New York Times

The Science of Spotting a Liar Sophie Putka, Discover Magazine

When Your Child Is a Psychopath (2017) Barbara Bradley Hagerty, The Atlantic

The ‘LA Model’ of juvenile rehabilitation: Great in theory, untested in real life Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

New York project aims to narrow gap between minority versus white juvies sent to community programs, not prison Keith Paul Medelis and Victor Victorio, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Inside a women’s prison in Tbilisi: Olivia Arthur’s best photograph Michael Segalov, The Guardian

The True Story Behind Peacock’s ‘Dr. Death’ Mahita Gajanan, Time Magazine

AM Stories

The Facts Behind the Crime ‘Surge’ The Crime Report

How crime stats lie – and what you need to know to understand them Priya Krishnakumar, CNN

Crafting midterm message, Republicans seize on crime spikes Jonathan Allen, NBC News

‘Lawlessness’: This GOP candidate is testing a tough-on-crime message in New Jersey Daniel Han, Politico

How Democrats could win the public debate on crime Brigid Kennedy, The Week

Biden balances fighting rising crime, reforming police Jonathan Lemire, Michael Balsamo, and Colleen Long, AP News

To fight gun violence, millions directed to community groups Maki Becker and Aaron Besecker, Buffalo News

Is there a better way to police? One California city may have found the answer Juan Carlos Guerrero, ABC7

Illinois is first state in US to ban police from lying to minors during interrogations Bryan Pietsch, Washington Post

A Qualified Immunity Compromise Is Crumbling. You Can Thank the Law Enforcement Lobby. Billy Binion, Reason

The mystery around what happened in Lafayette Square Radley Balko, Washington Post

Father and son police officers charged with joining Proud Boys at Capitol riot Celine Castronuovo, The Hill

US seeks prison term for first felony defendant to be sentenced in Capitol breach, citing domestic terror threat Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

Can the Black Rifle Coffee Company Become the Starbucks of the Right? Jason Zengerle, New York Times Magazine

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