PM Stories

The War on Drugs Is 50 Years Old Alfred W. McCoy, The Nation

Reversing the War on Drugs: A five-point plan John Hudak, Brookings

What Bill Cosby’s Release Really Says About Getting a Conviction Overturned in America Janell Ross, Time Magazine

The Cosby case shows that we don’t have rule of law. We have rule by prosecutor. Anne M. Coughlin, Washington Post

What Will Alvin Bragg Mean for Manhattan? Thomas Hogan, City Journal

Once incarcerated on Rikers Island, he’ll help New York City close jail Ryan W. Miller, USA Today

The Trauma of Solitary: A Voice From the ‘Madhouse’ Jeremy Busby, The Crime Report

‘Treated worse than animals’: Black women in pretrial detention Jaclynn Ashly, Al Jazeera

The Female Inmates Fighting California’s Wildfires Jaime Lowe, New York Magazine

An Old Murder Is ‘Unforgotten’ In This Crime Drama’s 4th And Finest Season John Powers, NPR

‘Once Upon a Crime’: All You Need to Know About Elize Matsunaga Molli Mitchell, Newsweek

How a Podcasting PI Went From Dating Columnist to Cracking Cold Cases Brenna Ehrlich, Rolling Stone

Finding Love Behind Bars Might Look Different Than You Think John Williams, New York Times

AM Stories

‘We’re in a new epidemic’: Cuomo issues first-in-nation disaster emergency on gun violence in NY Chris Sommerfeldt, New York Daily News

Cuomo Declares a Gun Violence Emergency in New York State Ashley Southall, New York Times

Introducing “Aftershocks,” a Series About Surviving Gun Violence in Chicago Lakeidra Chavis, The Trace

‘A slap in the face’: crime rise warnings ignore years of work by local organizers Abené Clayton, The Guardian

With violent crime spiking, the push for police reform collides with voters’ fears Griff Witte and David Weigel, Washington Post

What is Section 242? Congress weighs policing change that may alter how we prosecute cops Bart Jansen, USA Today

A Mental Health Crisis Is Not a Crime Phillip Atiba Goff and Katie Porter, New York Times

6 Months After The Insurrection, The Capitol Police Chief Outlines Reforms Barbara Sprunt, NPR

What Led A Police Chief Turned Yoga Instructor To The Capitol Riot? Tom Dreisbach, NPR

Hours-long standoff between police, heavily armed men in Massachusetts ends with 11 arrests Caroline Anders and Desmond Butler, Washington Post

A Look At Rise Of The Moors, The Group The Men In The Armed I-95 Standoff Say They Belong To Deborah Becker, WBUR

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