PM Stories

In the Penal Colony Yen Pham, n+1

Despite COVID’s spread in prisons, there’s little to suggest they’ll do better next time Katie Park and Keri Blakinger, Chicago Sun-Times

After COVID Emergency Ends, 4,000 Americans May Be Forced Back to Prison Anthony L. Fisher, Insider

Will this be the year for parole reform? Morgan McKay, NY1

Parole Reform Bill Set to Pass in Albany After Rikers Deaths Reuven Blau, The City

Massachusetts Could Loosen Life Without Parole Restrictions For Young People Ella Fassler, The Appeal

Marijuana is now legal in Virginia. Advocates are already pushing for changes to the law. Ned Oliver, Virginia Mercury

To End Solitary Confinement, Advocates Turn Up the Pressure on Sheriffs Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Merrick Garland pauses federal executions a year after his predecessor resumed them. Katie Benner, New York Times

Federal executions halted as Justice Dept. reviews Trump-era policies Devlin Barrett and Amy B. Wang, Washington Post

‘The Phantom’ Review: The Death Penalty for a Doppelgänger Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times

AM Stories

Day of Rage: An In-Depth Look at How a Mob Stormed the Capitol Dmitriy Khavin, Haley Willis, Evan Hill, Natalie Reneau, Drew Jordan, Cora Engelbrecht, Christiaan Triebert, Stella Cooper, Malachy Browne and David Botti, New York Times

House votes to create select committee for investigating Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post

‘Sedition Hunters’: Meet The Online Sleuths Aiding The FBI’s Capitol Manhunt Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost

Protests, Insurrection, and the Second Amendment Brennan Center for Justice

As Homicides Surge, Biden Presses for More Gun Control Action Masood Farivar, Voice of America

San Jose Will Force Gun Owners to Cover Costs of Gun Violence After Mass Shooting Jamie Ross, Daily Beast

How bad is the rise in US homicides? Factchecking the ‘crime wave’ narrative police are pushing Lois Beckett and Abené Clayton, The Guardian

‘Patience is growing thin’: Activists fear Biden’s anti-crime strategy could overshadow police reform efforts Courtney Subramanian, USA Today

Fraternal Order of Police lobs Congress a warning on police reform talks Marianne Levine, Politico

Rising Crime in Cities Like Chicago Should Not Lead to More Policing Takenya Nixon Brail, Teen Vogue

Vaping, Police and Race Jillian Snider and Chelsea Boyd, The Crime Report

The Controversial Floodlights Illuminating New York City’s Public-Housing Developments David Kortava, The New Yorker

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