PM Stories

Lost Opportunity, Lost Lives Lisa Armstrong, The Marshall Project

Dozens who died in Texas prisons during the pandemic had been granted parole, new report shows Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

1,000 inmates still stuck in county jails – creating dangerous conditions – because state prisons won’t take them, sheriffs say Jacob Geanous and Kyra Senese, Chicago Sun-Times

Court Fees Called ‘Another Layer of Punishment’ for Rural Poor Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

‘It’s robbery’: When plea deals hinge on promising to always have money for court fees Connor Sheets,

Mass Clemency Is a Necessary Response to Mass Incarceration Nikki Trautman Baszynski, The Appeal

Biden’s Budget Steps up Spending for Criminal Justice Reform Michael Crowley, Brennan Center for Justice

Near-Vacant Sentencing Panel Gives Biden Chance for Fresh Start Madison Alder, Bloomberg Law

The Case for Restricting Gang Enhancements in California Patrick Lopez-Aguado, The Appeal

Can Journalism Wean Itself Off the Cheap Clicks of Bad Crime Coverage? Jack Shafer, Politico Magazine

It’s Time to Change the Way the Media Covers Crime (2019) Carroll Bogert, The Marshall Project

I’m Serving Life in Prison. Learning Not to Judge Others Has Set Me Free Ivié de Molina, Harper’s Bazaar

AM Stories

Chauvin’s prison sentence is still not justice Fabiola Cineas, Vox

Chauvin Is Sentenced to 22.5 Years. But Who Killed Winston Smith? Alyssa Oursler and Anna DalCortivo, The Nation

Keith Ellison urges Congress to act on stalled police reform after Chauvin sentencing The Guardian

Democrats pushed hard last year to rein in police. A rise in homicides is prompting a shift. Sean Sullivan, Marianna Sotomayor, and Jacqueline Alemany, Washington Post

Biden Doesn’t Have an Answer to America’s Crime Spike David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Opinion: The most telling part of Biden’s anti-crime plan Megan McArdle, Washington Post

Why Acting ‘Tough on Crime’ Won’t Reduce Violence Joanna McClinton and Jamie Gauthier, The Crime Report

Want Better Policing? Make It Easier To Fire Bad Cops. Steven Greenhut, Reason

The Indictment of One Portland Riot Cop May Be Just the Start Tess Riski, Willamette Week

LAPD launches investigation into officers’ relationship with Ring Johana Bhuiyan, Los Angeles Times

More police departments are training officers in de-escalation techniques, but does it work? Kevin Davis, ABA Journal

What Eric Adams’s Success Reveals About ‘Defund the Police’ Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

How Long Until Citizen Gets Someone Killed? Lil Kalish, Mother Jones

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