PM Stories

They’re Going Back to Prison. But They Didn’t Commit New Crimes. Beth Schwartzapfel, The Marshall Project

Thousands of Prisoners Were Sent Home Because of COVID. They Don’t Want to Go Back. Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Maura Turcotte, New York Times

Even After Vaccine, Federal Prisons Still Have COVID-19 Concerns Walter Pavlo, Forbes

CA’s Jail & Prison Populations Went Down During COVID, But Now The Jail Numbers Have Crept Back Up Celeste Fremon, WitnessLA

With over 2,700 deaths behind bars and slow vaccine acceptance, prisons and jails must continue to decarcerate Emily Widra, Prison Policy Initiative

New ruling requires Pa. courtrooms to return to ‘pre-pandemic’ operations Aaron Moselle, WHYY

Jury trials are starting again. But the pandemic put some behind bars past their sentences. Rachel Weiner, Washington Post

Are Virtual Courtrooms Here to Stay? Eva Herscowitz, The Crime Report

Four Ways the Pandemic Made Us Rethink Our Criminal Legal System Nazish Dholakia, Insha Rahman, and Aaron Stagoff-Belfort, Vera Institute of Justice

Rutgers Law launches New Jersey Innocence Project to help wrongfully convicted people P. Kenneth Burns, WHYY

A Philly man was cleared of murder after 34 years by evidence that was in the police file all along Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Man Rewriting Prison from Inside Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

The Sky Thief Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

AM Stories

Derek Chauvin Sentenced to 22.5 Years for Murder of George Floyd Nia Prater, New York Magazine

Derek Chauvin is headed to prison. But that is not enough. Editorial Board, Washington Post

Derek Chauvin’s sentence isn’t enough to say cops will now be held accountable, criminal justice experts say Haven Orecchio-Egresitz, Insider

Chauvin sentenced as lawmakers try to reach police reform deal MSNBC

Police reform negotiations bog down on Capitol Hill as crime rises and midterms loom Mike DeBonis, Washington Post

Is the Answer to Crime More Cops? (2019) Simone Weichselbaum and Wendi C. Thomas, The Marshall Project

Policing the Police: How to Tackle the Crisis of Legitimacy Alan Cunningham, The Crime Report

Amid rising police violence, New York City to train entire force in de-escalation Tom Jackman, Washington Post

NYC Voters: Prioritize Policing Alternatives to Tackle Violence Jonathan Chavez, The Appeal

Oakland City Council Votes to Defund Police, Stripping More Than $17M from Department Budget KPIX

This progressive police reform bill is pretty popular Li Zhou, Vox

Editorial: Don’t measure justice for George Floyd by the length of Derek Chauvin’s sentence Editorial Board, Los Angeles Times

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