PM Stories

Absent Biden Policy, Justice Department Pursues Death Penalty in Boston Bombing Case Akela Lacy, The Intercept

Biden’s silence on executions adds to death penalty disarray Michael Tarm, Washington Post

Ayanna Pressley Calls Out Biden’s DOJ for Moving to Reinstate the Death Penalty Sharon Zhang, Truthout

Jewish groups condemn Arizona’s potential use of gas executions Erik Ortiz, NBC News

‘They let people die’: US prisons bureau denied tens of thousands compassionate release during COVID Keri Blakinger and Joseph Neff, The Guardian

Dozens who died in Texas prisons during the pandemic had been granted parole, new report shows Jolie McCullough, Texas Tribune

‘More harm than good’: Most Pa. prisoners are vaxxed, but isolating COVID rules remain Katie Meyer, WHYY

A West Philly Dem is going tough on crime. Progressives say his bill is ‘terrifyingly awful’ Katie Meyer, WHYY

’10 years is enough’: Advocates and bipartisan lawmakers push for sentencing reform for drug-related offenders Christina Carrega and Joe Beare, CNN

Poll Shows Huge Public Opposition to “War on Drugs,” After 50 Years Alex Norcia, Filter Magazine

After 50 Years Of The War On Drugs, ‘What Good Is It Doing For Us?’ Brian Mann, NPR

‘Just don’t show her body!’ Netflix makes a true crime show with a difference Zoe Williams, The Guardian

AM Stories

Republicans Are on the Brink of Embracing the Capitol Rioters Matt Ford, New Republic

‘Shocking failure’: Pentagon and FBI come under fire for Jan. 6 response Nicholas Wu, Nick Niedzwiadek, and Josh Gerstein, Politico

Capitol Police watchdog flags training contractor’s use of Nazi-adjacent symbols Chris Marquette, Roll Call

One Roadblock to Police Reform: Veteran Officers Who Train Recruits (2020) Simone Weichselbaum, The Marshall Project

This company’s permissive policies are behind high-profile police shootings of Black men in the US Tami Abdollah, USA Today

In Florida, Police Shootings Could Be Shrouded In Secrecy For Years To Come Daniel Rivero, WLRN

Should It Be This Hard to Sue the Police and Win? The Argument

An officer shot a 16-year-old eight times in an idling car. Now he’s charged with murder. Jaclyn Peiser, Washington Post

If You Want to Reform the Police, Get Prosecutors on Your Side Carissa Byrne Hessick and Gabrielle Supak, Slate

Fact-check: Have police cuts in Austin led to a ‘doubling of murder’? Brandon Mulder, Austin American-Statesman

Why People Misperceive Crime Trends Toni Monkovic and Jeff Asher, New York Times

In New York, crime spike is top of voters’ minds Story Hinckley, Christian Science Monitor

Street Outreach Groups Join Forces In Lawndale To ‘Interrupt Violence Deep In The Trenches’ Pascal Sabino, Block Club Chicago

After Losing Her Son in a Shooting, She Planted a Garden for Healing. She Hopes It Will Inspire Reform. Dylan Walsh, The Trace

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