PM Stories

Arizona’s Horrifying Plan to Bring Back the Gas Chamber Austin Sarat, Slate

Arizona Plans Executions with Gas Used by Nazis at Auschwitz Equal Justice Initiative

California’s death penalty is reconsidered again Dan Walters, CalMatters

Editorial: California Supreme Court should look beyond this case and end capital punishment Los Angeles Times

Meet the Philly Lawyer on a Mission to End the Death Penalty Robert Huber, Philadelphia Magazine

“Philly DA”: Larry Krasner’s First Term, Under a Lens Zayrha Rodriguez, The Marshall Project

Most US Prosecutors ‘Routinely’ Support Harsh Punishments: Study Emily Riley, The Crime Report

Lessons Learned From COVID Came at ‘Too Great a Cost’ to Ignore: Ex-AG Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

Coronavirus Lockdowns in Prisons Test Limits of Colorado’s Rules on Solitary Confinement John Herrick, Colorado Trust

Former NBA star works to end solitary confinement in prisons Pat Eaton-Robb, ABC News

Editorial: There’s no going back on sentencing and prison reform Robert Greene, Los Angeles Times

State Assembly passes bill requiring prosecutors and judges to recognize costs of sentencing in criminal cases (California) Vallejo Times-Herald

Landlords Barred From Using Criminal Records to Deny Housing (New Jersey) Tracey Tully, New York Times

The True Story Behind the Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos Leena Kim, Town & Country

Why do we love true crime – and is it healthy for us? F. Diane Barth, NBC News

AM Stories

The Debate Over Qualified Immunity Is at the Heart of Police Reform. Here’s What to Know Madeleine Carlisle, Time

Cops and their allies have pushed hard for new wave of stringent anti-protest bills Jon Skolnik, Salon

On Police Reform, the AFL-CIO Has a Lot of Catching Up to Do Alex N. Press, Jacobin

California sheriff warns officers not to join far-right extremist groups, records reveal Sam Levin, The Guardian

Toward a New Era for Federal and State Oversight of Local Police Daniel Richman and Sarah Seo, Lawfare

Amazon Ring’s neighborhood watch app is making police requests public Elizabeth Culliford, Reuters

Prosecutors Seek 30 Years for Derek Chauvin in George Floyd Murder Joe Barrett, Wall Street Journal

NYC Mayoral Candidates on Police Reform New York Times

On Our Watch NPR

When the Gunman’s Motive Remains a Mystery: Does It Matter? Shaila Dewan, New York Times

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