Amanda Knox is an exoneree, journalist, public speaker, and author of the New York Times best-selling memoir, Waiting to Be Heard (HarperCollins, April 2013). Between 2007 and 2015, she spent nearly four years in an Italian prison and eight years on trial for a murder she didn’t commit. Amanda hosted The Scarlet Letter Reports, a VICE/Facebook series about the public vilification of women, and currently hosts The Truth About True Crime, a podcast series for Sundance/AMC that she produces and writes with Christopher.

Christopher Robinson is a Boston University and Hunter College MFA graduate, a MacDowell Colony fellow, Yaddo fellow, and a Yale Younger Poets Prize finalist. He is the co-author, with Gavin Kovite, of War of the Encylopaedists (Scribner, 2015), which the New York Times called “captivating,” and Deliver Us (Alephactory, 2018). He currently produces and writes The Truth About True Crime with Amanda.

Reprise Interviews: Profound Injustices

Interview: Mike Africa Jr. on the Struggle and the Legacy of MOVE

Interview: Ayelet Waldman on Her Role in the Prosecution of the Man who Tried to Sexually Assault Her

Interview: Brett Watson on Universal Cash and Crime

Interview: Victoria Law and Maya Schenwar on an Alternative Path to Decarceration

Interview: Julie Gunnigle on Running for County Attorney in a Political Crucible

Interview: Laurie Levenson and Adam Grant on L.A.’s Project for the Innocent at Loyola Law

Interview: Carl Weathers and Paul Alan Smith on the Prison Letters of Tiyo Attallah Salah-El

Interview: Aya Gruber on the Feminist War on Crime

Interview: Jarrett Adams on How Two Acquitted Men Were Sentenced to Life

Interview: Jody Armour, on Moral Luck, Blame and Punishment

Interview: Emanuel Fair, Found Not Guilty of Murder after Nine Years in Jail

Interview: Roberto Lovato, Journalist Covering Violence, the Drug War and Refugees

Interview: Keeda Haynes on the Journey from Prison to Public Defender to Politics

Interview: James Forman, Jr. on the Complex Path to Mass Incarceration

Interview: Maurice Chammah on Covering the Death Penalty

Amanda Knox on Criminalizing Karen

Interview: Maria DiLorenzo, Author, on Writing about a Spree Killer from her Neighborhood

Interview: Emily Galvin-Almanza, Criminal Justice Advocate for Activists, Defendants and their Attorneys

Interview: Jessica Henry, Scholar, on the Phenomenon of “No Crime” Wrongful Convictions

Interview: Kevin Sharp on the Case of Leonard Peltier

Interview: Jason Flom, on the Injustice of the Rafay Murder Convictions – Part 2

Interview: Jason Flom, on the Injustice of the Rafay Murder Convictions – Part 1

Interview: Reginald Dwayne Betts, Poet, Memoirist, Attorney… and Formerly Incarcerated

Interview: Rebecca Weiker and Phil Melendez, Restorative Justice Pioneers

Interview: Connie Rice, Innovative Civil Rights Attorney, Activist and Reformer

Interview: DeRay McKessen, Activist and Organizer for the Black Lives Matter Movement

Interview: Adam Foss, Advocate for Transforming the Role of the Prosecutor

Interview: Sarah Gersten, The Profoundly Unjust Case of Michael Thompson

Interview: Emily Bazelon, One of the Leading Writers on America’s Criminal Legal Process

Amanda Knox interviews Former FBI Agent about “a Loss of Trust in the Institution of Police”

Amanda Knox Interviews Advocate for the Excarcerated, Joshua Hoe

Amanda Knox Interviews John Rappaport on Strategies for Ending Systemic Racism in Policing

Amanda Knox Interview: Shon Hopwood – From Bank Robber to Law Professor and Criminal Justice Reformer

Amanda Knox Interviews Lorena (Bobbitt) Gallo

Amanda Knox Interview: One of America’s Leading Advocates for Decarceration, Jessica Jackson

Amanda Knox Interview: Noura Jackson, Wrongfully Convicted at 18 Years Old of Killing Her Mother

Amanda Knox Interview: After 19 Years in Prison, DNA Evidence Led to His Exoneration

Amanda Knox Interview: After 20 Years in Prison, A Detective Revealed that a Dirty Cop Framed Scott Lewis

Amanda Knox Interview: After 22 Years in Prison, DNA Evidence Led to His Release

Amanda Knox Interviews Exoneree Wrongfully Convicted of Stabbing After Police Withheld Alibi Evidence

Amanda Knox Interview: Their Mission is to Reverse the Most Unjust Sentences

Amanda Knox Interviews Exoneree Wrongfully Convicted of Murder Based on False Testimony

Amanda Knox Interviews Exoneree Wrongfully Convicted of Killing His Parents

Amanda Knox Interview: “This Is Inhumane. It’s Craven. It’s Heartbreaking”

Amanda Knox: “How Could He Be Innocent?”: The Case of Daniel Holtzclaw

Amanda Knox Interview: “Thank Goodness We’re Not Inside Right Now”

Amanda Knox on Tiger King: The Rush to Judgement of Carole Baskin

Amanda Knox Interview: “Incarceration as Buried Alive”

Amanda Knox Interview: Netflix’s “The Innocence Files”: Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld

Amanda Knox Interview: An Exoneree’s Mission to Protect the Incarcerated

Amanda Knox Interview: An Exoneree’s Quest for Peace in Quarantine

Amanda Knox Interview: Gavin Newsom’s Outbreak of Mercy

Amanda Knox Interview: The Impact of Quarantine on the Formerly Incarcerated

Amanda Knox: The Too-Steep Climb to Righting Wrongful Convictions

Amanda Knox Interview: The Threat to Habeas Corpus

Amanda Knox Week: A Crime Story Compilation

Amanda Knox: The Case for E-carceration

Amanda Knox: Conviction and Apology

Amanda Knox: Expressions of Guilt

Amanda Knox reads: The Injustice of Nancy Grace

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