PM Stories

Nebraska death sentences continue despite no execution drugs Grant Schulte, AP News

Arizona ‘refurbishes’ its gas chamber to prepare for executions, documents reveal Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

Arizona plans to execute prisoners with a lethal gas the Nazis used at Auschwitz Meryl Kornfield, Washington Post

Death penalty faces critical test: Will California high court raise bar? Emily Hoeven, CalMatters

California governor orders review of death row inmate’s conviction Steve Gorman, Reuters

Sean Ellis, wrongly convicted of murder in 1993, is finally fully exonerated Sarah Betancourt, The Guardian

A New York Prison Locked Men Up For Drugs. Now the Site Will Grow Marijuana Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal

Since the nose doesn’t know pot is now legal, K-9s retire Denise Lavoie, AP News

The Effort To Reform The US Military’s Justice System Faces A New Fight Claudia Grisales, NPR

As Legislative Sessions Near End, Lawmakers Prioritize Criminal Justice Reform Bills Karen DeWitt, WSHU

Boulder Painter Sarah McKenzie Explores Power and Prison Architecture Jasmine Liu, Westword

Podcast ‘Songs in the Key of Death’ to Explore True Crime Tales Behind Classic Murder Ballads Jon Blistein, Rolling Stone

Breaking Out of Prison With a Ouija Board and Some Clever Tricks Chris Jennings, New York Times

AM Stories

An Arms Race in America: Gun Buying Spiked During the Pandemic. It’s Still Up. Sabrina Tavernise, New York Times

2020 Saw A Boom In Gun Sales. These New Buyers Could Shape The Future Of Gun Control Lulu Garcia-Navarro, NPR

‘This could have been me’ Michelle Ye Hee Lee, Washington Post

Here’s What The New Hate Crimes Law Aims To Do As Attacks On Asian Americans Rise Barbara Sprunt, NPR

Why over 85 Asian American, LGBTQ groups opposed the anti-Asian hate crimes bill Kimmy Yam, NBC News

A Year After George Floyd: Pressure to Add Police Amid Rising Crime Tim Arango, New York Times

Cities Reverse Defunding the Police Amid Rising Crime Zusha Elinson, Dan Frosch, and Joshua Jamerson, Wall Street Journal

New York City’s Police Budget Is Increasing Again Fola Akinnibi, Bloomberg CityLab

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney promised police reform. It’s a work in progress a year later. Chris Palmer and Laura McCrystal, Philadelphia Inquirer

LA cut millions from the LAPD after George Floyd. Here’s where that money is going Dakota Smith and David Zahniser, Los Angeles Times

Bowser’s budget, flush with federal dollars, boosts spending on housing, mental health, violence prevention Julie Zauzmer and Michael Brice-Saddler, Washington Post

A Call for a Cultural Approach to Violence Prevention Dr. Lance Williams, Chicago Reporter

Why it took 100 years for America to learn about the Tulsa massacre Fabiola Cineas, Vox

Artist’s Black Wall Street Project Is About Tulsa 100 Years Ago – And Today Neda Ulaby, NPR

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