PM Stories

As South Carolina execution looms, firing squad debated Meg Kinnard, AP News

Eugene Clemons May Be Ineligible for the Death Penalty. A Rigid Clinton-Era Law Could Force Him to Be Executed Anyway. Seth Freed Wessler, ProPublica

A Black death row inmate claims police framed him in quadruple murder. A probe will now reexamine his case. Timothy Bella, Washington Post

California Supreme Court to hear arguments challenging application of state’s death penalty Bob Egelko, San Francisco Chronicle

In a New York Prison, COVID Became a Death Sentence Steven Paulikas, New York Times

Even After Vaccine, Federal Prisons Still Have COVID-19 Concerns Walter Pavlo, Forbes

For incarcerated youth in Colorado, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet Daliah Singer, Colorado Sun

The state of Ohio vs. a sex trafficked teenager Jessica Contrera, Washington Post

Opinion: Inequities are deep and numerous for incarcerated women, and it’s time to intervene Erica Spiller and Peggy Long, Des Moines Register

NJ bill would help people with criminal records find housing Michaelle Bond, Philadelphia Inquirer

Freedom Community Center To Offer St. Louis New Model For Restorative Justice Sarah Fenske, St. Louis Public Radio

With 12 men exonerated and a handful of new trials granted, the force behind Maryland’s Innocence Project hangs it up Tim Prudente, Baltimore Sun

How to Negotiate with Ransomware Hackers Rachel Monroe, The New Yorker

The Real Twist of Mare of Easttown Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic

AM Stories

Is criminal justice reform to blame for the rise in crime in NYC? Christopher Booker and Sam Weber, PBS

Rising crime in New York has gripped the mayoral race. Eric Adams says he alone can fix it. Gregory Krieg, CNN

Ex-Commish With the Dish Maureen Dowd, New York Times

A county, hit by the pandemic, grapples with soaring crime after spending a decade lowering it. Emily Davies, Katie Mettler, and Rachel Chason, Washington Post

California has the most gun-control laws in US. Do they work? Francine Kiefer and Nick Roll, Christian Science Monitor

Heat Listed Matt Stroud, The Verge

The Informants Julian Rubinstein, Guernica Magazine

A Police Killing in St. Louis Remains Shrouded in Darkness Alison Flowers and Sam Stecklow, The Intercept

Phoenix Authorities Used ‘ACAB’ Slogan To Designate Protesters as a Gang Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Reason

A year after George Floyd protests, the FOP still handcuffs Philly’s chance for police reform Editorial Board, Philadelphia Inquirer

LAPD after George Floyd: Fewer officers, fewer arrests but still hardly defunded Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

If police don’t respond to 911 calls in Milwaukee, who would? That’s one of many questions facing a new task force in the city. Ashley Luthern, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The deeper history of “defund”: How the “get tough” policies of the ‘70s and ‘80s led to disaster Paul Rosenberg, Salon

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