PM Stories

The Truth About Deinstitutionalization Alisa Roth, The Atlantic

Why the Death Penalty Lingers On in America Isidoro Rodriguez, The Crime Report

The Fight Over Tennessee’s Death Penalty Goes On Steven Hale, Nashville Scene

Yet Again, Texas Lawmakers Face Crisis Conditions in Texas Prisons Michael Barajas, Texas Observer

Attorneys Raise Questions About Medical Parole After 2 People Returned To Prison Deborah Becker, WBUR

The American parole system is an endless trap – and a moral outrage Jennifer Miller, Washington Post

Bill to Automatically Remove Criminal Records Finds Some Support in New York Ben Chapman, Wall Street Journal

The Krasner Effect: DAs Can Lead the Way Towards Ending Mass Supervision Dylan Hayre and Becky Silber, The Crime Report

Wins for Larry Krasner and New Allies Signal Reformers’ Growing Reach Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

Larry Krasner aced the test for the progressive prosecutor movement Nicolas O’Rourke, Philadelphia Inquirer

California Reforms a Model for Overhauling Youth Justice: Paper Emily Riley, The Crime Report

Treating All Kids as Kids Kim Taylor-Thompson, Brennan Center for Justice

‘Dear Son’: How A Mom’s Letter Inspired A Graduation Speech – From Prison Elissa Nadworny and Lauren Migaki, NPR

Getting Real About Prisons and Why They Don’t Make Us Safer Kelly Hayes, Truthout

The Missing Magritte Joshua Hunt, Vanity Fair

AM Stories

‘On the Ashes of Tragedy’: Mixed Emotions on Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death Tim Arango and Andrés R. Martínez, New York Times

Police are still killing people at the same rate as before Nolan D. McCaskill, Politico

George Floyd anniversary: BLM got a plaza in Washington. Will it get police reform? Erin B. Logan, Los Angeles Times

Congress Misses Symbolic Deadline for Police Reform Akela Lacy, The Intercept

Police reform fight hinges on qualified immunity Harper Neidig and Marty Johnson, The Hill

Can the Politics of Police Reform Survive the Crime Rates of Our Pandemic Year? Matt Ford, New Republic

Campaigns to Defund Police Have Seen Major Wins – and They’re Not Stopping Asha Ransby-Sporn, Truthout

Keith Ellison: On the Other Side of Criminal Justice Reform and Transformation Is a Safer Society Keith Ellison, The Nation

White House Seeks $5.2B for Violence Intervention Isidoro Rodriguez, The Crime Report

How Can We Stop Gun Violence? Francesca Mari, New York Review of Books

How 24 Hours of Racist Violence Caused Decades of Harm Jeremy Cook and Jason Long, The Atlantic

George Floyd, the Tulsa Massacre, and Memorial Days Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

‘On our own terms’: How scholars of color are correcting the narrative of national tragedies Christine Fernando, USA Today

The Aesthetics Of Activism: How Instagram Changed Protesting Erin Corbett, Refinery29

Five shots in Denver Julian Rubinstein, High Country News

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