PM Stories

Strict Border Enforcement Policies Put Migrants in Harm’s Way. Title 42 Is No Exception. Andrew R. Calderón and Isabela Dias, The Marshall Project

Biden Under Pressure Over ‘Public Health’ Border Expulsions Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times

Why Hasn’t Joe Biden Shut Down the Worst ICE Detention Facilities? Laila L. Hlass and Mary Yanik, Slate

Alabama Prisons Still ‘Deadly,’ Years After Warnings Eddie Burkhalter, Alabama Political Reporter

Gov. Kay Ivey signs criminal justice reform bills into law Eddie Burkhalter, Alabama Political Reporter

Gov. Bill Lee called his Tennessee criminal justice reforms ‘monumental.’ Here’s what they’ll do Adam Tamburin, Nashville Tennessean

California’s new attorney general turns focus from fighting Trump to policing, racial justice Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times

It’s time to reform sentencing enhancements Peter Espinoza and Michael Romano, CalMatters

The Endless Trap of American Parole Jennifer Miller, Washington Post Magazine

‘People Evolve’: Why DA Gascón Reversed Decades of Parole Policy To Support Release In Most Cases Frank Stoltze, LAist

‘We live here too’: Tahanie Aboushi bids to become New York’s top prosecutor Erum Salam, The Guardian

An Incarcerated Artist Memorializes the “Forgotten” People Killed By COVID in Prison Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

The Best TV Crime Dramas, as Recommended By TV Crime Drama Creators Gabriella Paiella, GQ

AM Stories

His Name in Vain Zak Cheney-Rice, New York Magazine

One Year After Killing of George Floyd, Problems and Frustrations Remain The Crime Report

Some bold local police reform efforts follow Floyd’s death, but change at national level remains elusive Jazmine Ulloa, Boston Globe

State Policing Reforms Since George Floyd’s Murder Ram Subramanian and Leily Arzy, Brennan Center for Justice

Floyd killing prompts some states to limit or ban chokeholds Farnoush Amiri, Colleen Slevin, and Camille Fassett, AP News

After George Floyd, other families demand justice after police killings Marco della Cava, USA Today

They took to the streets after George Floyd’s murder. Now, they fight to keep change going Marisa Gerber and Andrea Castillo, Los Angeles Times

Can Black Lives Matter LA dismantle the powerful police unions? Sam Levin, The Guardian

Reclaiming the Power of Rebellion Elizabeth Hinton and Derecka Purnell, Boston Review

Limiting Qualified Immunity for Cops Was a Bipartisan Issue After George Floyd’s Murder. What Happened? Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

The High Price of a New York City Cop Tom Robbins, The New Yorker

Can a Police Procedural Change? Kathryn VanArendonk, New York Magazine

The Exorcists Who Are Battling Black Lives Matter Audrey Clare Farley, New Republic

Stop Hustling Black Death Imani Perry, New York Magazine

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