PM Stories

Texas fails to allow media to witness an execution for first time in 40 years, blaming miscommunication Kim Bellware, Washington Post

Why firing squads are making a comeback in 21st-century America Ian Millhiser, Vox

Death Row Inmates Sue After They’re Asked To Pick Firing Squad Or Electric Chair Victoria Hansen, NPR

Support for the death penalty is declining in California, poll shows Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times

Life Without Parole Is Replacing the Death Penalty – But the Legal Defense System Hasn’t Kept Up Cary Aspinwall, The Marshall Project

Florida’s ‘Secret’ Formulas to Calculate Release Dates May Be Trapping People in Prison Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

With FL prisons under pressure and understaffed, lawmakers reject alternatives to incarceration Laura Cassels, Florida Phoenix

Cooks, nurses guard inmates with US prisons down 6k officers Michael R. Sisak and Michael Balsamo, AP News

Criminal Negligence: How New York State Let COVID-19 Run Rampant in Prisons Akash Mehta, The Nation

Care First LA: Tracking Jail Decarceration Vera Institute of Justice

Connecticut Just Got One Step Closer to Making Prison Calls Free Abigail Weinberg, Mother Jones

NJ allows non-violent drug offenders to apply for new sentences Nicholas Katzban,

A Philly man who fought his murder conviction for 38 years was released from prison Friday Chris Palmer, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Beast Must Die: seen enough doom-laden crime dramas? Think again Joel Golby, The Guardian

Too Close Brings a Feminist Slant to the Crime Drama Genre Kristen Reid, Paste Magazine

AM Stories

The global impact of Black Lives Matter Ivana Saric, Axios

Washington Gov. Inslee signs sweeping police reform measures NBC News

Shows Like ‘Cops’ Fell Out of Favor. Now Texas May Ban Them. Jacey Fortin, New York Times

Virginia prosecutors ask Justice Department to reconsider decision to not prosecute Park Police killing of Bijan Ghaisar Tom Jackman, Washington Post

‘Same script different cast’: Decision on Andrew Brown shooting sparks outrage Simone Jasper, Raleigh News & Observer

Police see a threat. Family sees fear. Expert sees clips of Andrew Brown Jr. show ‘everything wrong with policing.’ Tami Abdollah, USA Today

Reforms aren’t enough to end ‘us vs. them’ policing in America Clyde W. Ford, Crosscut

Why Do Police Keep Shooting Into Moving Cars? David A. Graham, The Atlantic

How Violent Cops Stay in Law Enforcement Abe Streep, The New Yorker

How US cities’ police reform attempts led to pay bumps for officers Roshan Abraham, The Guardian

Most States Restrict Local Governments From Passing Gun Reform, Study Shows Emilee Larkin, Courthouse News

Biden signed a new hate crimes law – but there’s a big flaw Beatrice Jin, Politico

Amid Infrastructure Talks, Investment in Community Gun Violence Prevention Is Critical Andrew V. Papachristos and Daniel Webster, US News & World Report

“You Guys Have Lit a Fire”: Inside George Clooney’s Massive One-Man Push to Turn the Tide on Gun Control Edward-Isaac Dovere, Vanity Fair

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