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Over 65% of Federal Prisoners are Black or Hispanic: USSC The Crime Report

Life-without-parole sentences are exploding. But America’s legal defense system hasn’t kept pace. Cary Aspinwall, Dallas Morning News

As Life Without Parole Cases Rise, Finding Public Defenders Grows Harder The Crime Report

In Kansas And Beyond, Poor Defendants Are Hurt By Lack Of Public Defenders Nomin Ujiyediin, KCUR

FCC to Cut Some Prison Call Costs, But Most Are Beyond Its Reach Jon Reid, Bloomberg Law

Congress Wants To Set Up One-Stop Shops To Help Ex-Inmates Stay Out Of Prison Claudia Grisales, NPR

How Data-Based Policies Can Help the Formerly Incarcerated Get a ‘Second Chance’ Brian Matthews, The Crime Report

Larry Krasner Beats Primary Challenger Organically, in Good Sign for Reformers Rory Fleming, Filter Magazine

Philly DA Larry Krasner’s big win is a huge loss for the police union that tried to stop him Sean Collins Walsh, Chris Brennan, and Julia Terruso, Philadelphia Inquirer

Will New York Join the List of Cities With Progressive DAs? Ross Barkan, The Nation

District Attorney diverting youth from the juvenile justice system into arts classes Peter Crimmins, WHYY

When a prison tattoo is the best career move Lori Basheda, Los Angeles Times

‘Broken Harts’ Review: Examining a Family Tragedy Natalia Winkelman, New York Times

AM Stories

In a Small Town, a Battle for Racial Justice Confronts a Bloody Past and an Uncertain Future Carli Brosseau, ProPublica

Two USA Today Network reporters arrested, released after covering Andrew Brown Jr. protest Elinor Aspegren, USA Today

Federal probe into Andrew Brown Jr.’s shooting by deputies complicated by NC prosecutor’s decision not to bring charges David Nakamura, Washington Post

When cities add cops, Black residents could have the most to gain – and the most to lose Aaron Chalfin, Benjamin Hansen, Emily Weisburst, and Morgan C. Williams Jr., Niskanen Center

Washington State Enacts Police Reform a Year After George Floyd’s Death Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times

DC to divert some mental health calls away from police Rachel Weiner, Washington Post

Policing deal remains out of reach on Capitol Hill as the anniversary of George Floyd’s death approaches Mike DeBonis, Washington Post

The Republican Excuses for Why They Won’t Investigate Jan. 6 Jim Newell, Slate

What’s in the Jan. 6 Commission Bill? Quinta Jurecic, Molly E. Reynolds, and Benjamin Wittes, Lawfare

At Least 81 Pro-Trump Rioters Are Charged With Assaulting Police on January 6 AJ Vicens, Mother Jones

Justice Department pressed to stop charging DC gun cases in federal court Ann E. Marimow, Washington Post

She Saw the Pain of Gun Violence Firsthand. Healing It Became Her Higher Calling. Ann Givens, The Trace

One of the last survivors of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre – 107 years old – wants justice DeNeen L. Brown, Washington Post

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