PM Stories

COVID-19 and Vaccine Mistrust Behind Bars Lawrence Bartley and Donald Washington, Jr., The Marshall Project

Most Prison Staff Refuse COVID Vaccine – Should California Let Them? Byrhonda Lyons, KQED

DC jail to relax coronavirus restrictions, end nearly 24-hour daily lockdown Clarence Williams, Washington Post

‘Pervasive level of disorder and chaos’ at NYC jails amid leadership shakeup, feds say Aliza Chasan, PIX

Yang Calls Rikers a ‘Stain’ on NYC, as Crime Fears Complicate Mayoral Race Nancy Bilyeau, The Crime Report

How Would the Mayoral Candidates Get Guns Off New York Streets? Dana Rubinstein, Jeffery C. Mays, and Jonah E. Bromwich, New York Times

Are Liberal Cities Turning Against Their Progressive Prosecutors? Nikhil Pal Singh, New Republic

Larry Krasner – and the Future of the Criminal Justice Reform Movement – Is on Tuesday’s Ballot John Nichols, The Nation

Philly elected Larry Krasner district attorney to reform the system. Here’s what he did. Samantha Melamed and Julia Terruso, Philadelphia Inquirer

JeffCo DA is first in Colorado to review past convictions for equity, not just innocence Shelly Bradbury, Denver Post

What Do Drunk Paddleboarding And Prostitution Have In Common? They’re Among The 1,100 Crimes Included In Colorado’s Sweeping Misdemeanor Reform Allison Sherry, Colorado Public Radio

Man who spent 22 years in solitary urges Illinois to curb ‘psychological torture’ Richard Luscombe, The Guardian

Parole Is Better Than Prison. But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Free. Abd’Allah Lateef, The Marshall Project

AM Stories

At least 123 people were shot dead over 72 hours. Did America notice? Scott Martelle, Los Angeles Times

What Our Conversations Over Gun Violence Are Urgently Missing Mary Harris, Slate

Gun violence is surging. It’s time to treat it like a public health emergency. Editorial Board, Washington Post

Coping With the ‘Crisis of Violence’ Greg Berman, The Crime Report

The Mental Health Risks of Secondhand Exposure to Police Violence Johanna Wald, The Crime Report

‘Unequivocally unjustified’: Family of Andrew Brown Jr. views bodycam video of fatal shooting by North Carolina deputies Christal Hayes, USA Today

FBI Launches Civil Rights Probe in Shooting of North Carolina Man Tom Kutsch, The Trace

California attorney general launches racial justice bureau to combat hate crimes, police bias Anh Do, Los Angeles Times

US looking at how to weed out extremists in law enforcement, Garland says NBC News

Number of Capitol riot arrests of military, law enforcement and government personnel rises to 52 Olivia Rubin, ABC News

Jailing of 2 in officer’s assault highlights legal debate over detaining Capitol breach defendants Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post

‘I’m Speechless.’ We Asked Law-Enforcement Officers Around the World How American Policing Looks From Abroad. Chai Dingari, Adam Westbrook, and Brendan Miller, New York Times

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