PM Stories

‘Afraid of dying in here’: Inmates fought for COVID-19 vaccinations, protections after jails and prisons failed to protect them Kevin McCoy, USA Today

Study links short stays at Cook County Jail early in the pandemic to the spread of COVID-19 in Black and Latino neighborhoods after inmates’ release Nara Schoenberg, Chicago Tribune

Forgetting And Forgotten: Older Prisoners Seek Release But Fall Through The Cracks Carrie Johnson, NPR

Has ‘COVID Time’ Legislation Worked, and What Does It Mean for NJ’s Criminal Justice Reform Future? Suzette Parmley, New Jersey Law Journal

Adjusting to the Post-Pandemic Courtroom Brad Terrace, The Crime Report

Uncovering the Flaws of Forensic Science WDET

The Worsening Massachusetts Crime Lab Scandal Is Just the Beginning Brandon L. Garrett and Peter Stout, Slate

Why We Need a National Forensic Science Agency Gareth Bryon, The Crime Report

As Mass Incarceration Becomes Less Popular, The Market for ‘Community-Based’ Surveillance Is Booming WNYC

Philadelphia’s District Attorney Must Continue the Work to End Mass Supervision Nikki Trautman Baszynski, The Appeal

Online, Mug Shots Are Forever. Some States Want to Change That. Lindsey Van Ness, Stateline

His mother was a murder suspect. So Bob Calhoun wrote a definitive SF true-crime book Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

Life and death in San Quentin: how forgotten photos were turned into art Annalisa Quinn, Financial Times

Invisible Ink Nicole R. Fleetwood, Artforum

AM Stories

‘They Just Launched a War’ J. Lester Feder, Politico

‘Invisible’ Rules for Police Use of Force Encourage Violence: Study Andrea Cipriano, The Crime Report

An off-duty officer ‘terrorized’ a family displaying a BLM flag. Police drove him home without arrest. Katie Shepherd, Washington Post

Law Enforcement Groups Drive Anti-Protest Laws, New Analysis Shows Alleen Brown, The Intercept

Efforts to Weed Out Extremists in Law Enforcement Meet Resistance  Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

FBI still after ‘worst of the worst’ in Capitol riot as new arrests come at steady pace Pete Williams, NBC News

Doctor, Lawyer, Insurrectionist: The Radicalization of Simone Gold Stephanie Mencimer, Mother Jones

The Vegas Plot (2015) Ashley Powers, California Sunday Magazine

Capitol riot spurred conspiracy charge against 31 suspects, but how hard is it to prove? Bart Jansen, USA Today

The Justice Department Shouldn’t Open the Pandora’s Box of Seditious Conspiracy Joshua Braver, Lawfare

The Man Who Should Be Merrick Garland’s Role Model Andrew Kent, The Atlantic

Bernie Sanders wants to constrain police union negotiating powers Jonathan Swan, Axios

What Policing Reformers Can Learn from the National Push for Education Reform Marc Levin, National Interest


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