PM Stories

Moms Behind Bars Anna Marie Wilder, The Crime Report

Prisons and jails will separate millions of mothers from their children in 2021 Wanda Bertram and Wendy Sawyer, Prison Policy Initiative

Weeks Without a Shower: Neglect Defines COVID-19 Containment in California Jails Brian Osgood, The Intercept

Judge says ‘morons’ run New York’s federal jails, denounces ‘inhuman’ conditions Shayna Jacobs, Washington Post

The most significant piece of justice reform in decades is flaming out Hassan Kanu, Reuters

Nevada Prosecutors Are Standing in the Way of Abolishing the Death Penalty Daniel Nichanian, The Appeal

How Virginia’s Death Penalty Finally Ended Dale M. Brumfield, Washington Monthly

Four Years After Arkansas Executed Ledell Lee, DNA Points to Someone Else Jeremy Stahl, Slate

Prosecutors Wrongfully Convicted Three Men Who Spent 24 Years Behind Bars. Will They Be Disbarred? George Joseph, Gothamist

Losing conviction Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Embraced Larry Krasner’s Progressive Vision. But He may Be Running Out of Time. J. Brian Charles, The Trace

Larry Krasner deserves a second term as Philly district attorney Editorial Board, Philadelphia Inquirer

Ahead of Supreme Court’s decision on split juries, New Orleans DA tackles ‘Jim Crow office’ Erik Ortiz, NBC News

Review: Going Home to Iowa With the Queen of Meth Mike Hale, New York Times

The Sad TV Detective Power Rankings Gabriella Paiella, GQ

AM Stories

The Emerging Movement for Police and Prison Abolition Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, The New Yorker

Justice Department Files Civil Rights Charges Against Cops in Floyd Death The Crime Report

Massachusetts Pioneers Rules For Police Use Of Facial Recognition Tech Emma Peaslee, NPR

King County voters have spoken: Police reform and a new sheriff are coming Dow Constantine, Seattle Times

Opinion: Californians deserve a new type of sheriff in town Ladoris H. Cordell, San Jose Mercury News

LA County sheriff refuses to name deputies who open fire, defying state’s high court Alene Tchekmedyian and James Queally, Los Angeles Times

Body cams help hold police accountable. In LA, it can take a lawsuit to get footage Hannah Harris Green, The Guardian

Commendations, minor reprimands for officer in Wright death AP News

In Columbus, Ma’Kiah Bryant Death Puts Spotlight On Community’s Distrust Of Police Frank Morris, NPR

Traumatized witnesses and victims of police violence get shut out of compensation funds Njeri Mathis Rutledge and Valena Beety, USA Today

Why Black Women Are Often Missing From Conversations About Police Violence Alex Samuels, Dhrumil Mehta, and Anna Wiederkehr, FiveThirtyEight

Black Mothers Are the Real Experts on Gun Violence Arionne Nettles, The Trace

The New, Conservative Supreme Court Is Returning to the Second Amendment Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

The Wave of GOP Anti-Protest Bills Will Criminalize Protesters – and Sabotage Police Reform, Too Nathalie Baptiste, Mother Jones

Magic Actions Tobi Haslett, n+1

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