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They Are Terminally Ill. States Want To Execute Them Anyway. Maurice Chammah and Keri Blakinger, The Marshall Project

SC Death Row Prisoners Will Soon Have to Choose Between Firing Squad or Electrocution Peter Wade, Rolling Stone

4 Years After an Execution, a Different Man’s DNA Is Found on the Murder Weapon Heather Murphy, New York Times

Granted Parole or Awaiting Trial, Inmates Died of COVID-19 Behind Bars Rebecca Griesbach and Libby Seline, New York Times

COVID-19 concerns sent thousands of inmates home. Give clemency to those who deserve it. Alice Marie Johnson and Ja’Ron Smith, USA Today

Biden administration needs to walk the walk on second chances for prisoners Erica Zunkel and James Ziegler, USA Today

Criminal Disenfranchisement Laws Across the United States Brennan Center for Justice

New bill could open doors of employment for people with criminal records Abigail Jones, WGNO

Philadelphia’s District Attorney Must Continue the Work to End Mass Supervision Nikki Trautman Baszynski, The Appeal

Cuomo signs law to restore voting rights to parolees immediately after prison release Adam Brewster, CBS News

‘Justice Was Not Done’ Says Suffolk County Judge, Erasing Sean Ellis’ Criminal Convictions Phillip Martin, WGBH

Wrongly Convicted Of Murder, Juan Rivera Uses Settlement Money To Open Barber College With His Former Prison Guard In Rogers Park Joe Ward, Block Club Chicago

A Marriage That Started With a Search for Justice Jenny Block, New York Times

The Made-for-Hollywood Story Behind Lady Gaga’s Gucci Movie Rachel Tashjian, GQ

AM Stories

President Biden’s promises on policing reform: What the administration has accomplished Chelsey Cox, USA Today

Pattern-or-Practice Investigations and Police Reform Jacob Schulz and Tia Sewell, Lawfare

After the death of George Floyd, lawmakers in Md., Va. and DC set out to hold police more accountable. Here are some key measures. Ovetta Wiggins, Peter Hermann, and Tom Jackman, Washington Post

Impelled By Tragedy, Police Reform Advocates Make Meaningful, If Uneven, Progress Across Region Robyn Vincent, Wyoming Public Media

New Mexico has the second-highest fatal police shooting rate in US – is it ready to change? John Acosta, The Guardian

Failure To Disclose Darwin BondGraham and Ali Winston, The Appeal

Fired Atlanta police officer who shot Rayshard Brooks reinstated Christian Boone, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

‘We’re terrorized’: LA sheriffs frequently harass families of people they kill, says report Sam Levin, The Guardian

The Greatest Threat To Defunding The Police? State Pre-emption. John Pfaff, The Appeal

George Floyd protests trigger wave of GOP ‘anti-riot’ laws Devin Dwyer, ABC News

Many states are pushing through more permissive gun laws The Economist

These ‘Gun Sanctuary States’ Want to Destroy Biden’s Gun Control Plans Tess Owen, Vice

Startling surge in LA bloodshed as COVID-19 fades: ‘Too many guns in too many hands’ Kevin Rector, Los Angeles Times

Trolled James D. Walsh, New York Magazine

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