PM Stories

We Still Don’t Know Who the Coronavirus’s Victims Were Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic

The Biden Administration Should Not Send Thousands of People Back to Prison Nikki Trautman Baszynski, The Appeal

Biden administration needs to walk the walk on second chances for prisoners Erica Zunkel and James Zeigler, USA Today

My Child Is Incarcerated. One Second in This Unjust System Is Too Much. Esther Hernández, Truthout

76,000 California inmates now eligible for earlier releases Don Thompson, ABC News

How Pittsburgh Activists Are Seizing a Rare Chance To Reshape Courts Sam Mellins, The Appeal

Why Larry Krasner’s Defeat Would be ‘Disastrous’ for Criminal-Justice Reform Russell Berman, The Atlantic

Probe of DC crime lab could ‘blow up’ criminal justice system Jack Moore, WTOP

Suffolk DA kicks off effort to drop tens of thousands of convictions tied to tainted state drug lab Maggie Mulvihill, Boston Globe

He wasn’t old enough to vote but got a life sentence for murder; Baltimore prosecutors and judge decided it’s time to set him free Tim Prudente, Baltimore Sun

A 1722 Murder Spurred Native Americans’ Pleas for Justice in Early America Karin Wulf, Smithsonian Magazine

Flipping the script in true-crime series ‘The Staircase’ Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe

Netflix’s ‘The Sons of Sam’ Depicts the Dangers of Our True Crime Obsession Brenna Ehrlich, Rolling Stone

AM Stories

George Floyd’s killer has been convicted, but police brutality goes on Editorial Board, Washington Post

What Good Is a Posthumous Pardon for George Floyd? Michael Hall, Texas Monthly

‘Floyd was my man. But George Floyd is a movement’ Robert Samuels, Washington Post

I’m Angry That I’m Grateful That My Brother Survived a Traffic Stop Shana L. Redmond, Mother Jones

North Carolina sheriff identifies deputies involved in Andrew Brown Jr. shooting, returns 4 to duty David K. Li, NBC News

Police are fueling outrage over Andrew Brown Jr.’s death by withholding information, experts say Joel Shannon, USA Today

Video shows Chicago police killing Anthony Alvarez as he runs away: ‘Why are you shooting me?’ Hannah Knowles, Washington Post

Video of fatal shooting of Anthony Alvarez by Chicago police is released; department leaders promise new foot-chase policy Jeremy Gorner, Annie Sweeney, Megan Crepeau, and Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune

Cincinnati’s Upcoming Mayoral Race is ‘Make or Break’ for Policing and Housing Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg, The Appeal

Face of GOP’s ‘future’ steps up police reform talks with Dems Nicholas Wu, Sarah Ferris, and Laura Barrón-López, Politico

‘One Slip of the Tongue Could Ruin Things’: Bipartisan Talks on Police Reform Advance – Delicately Abby Vesoulis, Time

President Biden is listening to communities on violence prevention. Congress should, too. Fatimah Loren Dreier and David Muhammad, Washington Post

Why gun control efforts should go beyond mass shootings, advocates say Marlene Lenthang, ABC News

The gun-control effort that almost stopped our addiction to ‘weapons of war’ Andrew C. McKevitt, Washington Post

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