PM Stories

Governors Should Prioritize the COVID-19 Vaccine for Everyone in Jail Lauren-Brooke Eisen and Ram Subramanian, Brennan Center for Justice

Some LA County jail inmates seek vaccinations – to get early transfer to state prison Bernard J. Wolfson, Los Angeles Times

As virus cases fall, Maryland tries to dig out of backlogged jury trials Dan Morse, Washington Post

COVID-19 concerns raised at St. Louis death penalty trial Jim Salter, AP News

Biden vowed to end the death penalty. Activists are demanding action as he nears the 100-day mark Christina Carrega, CNN

Activists Wait For Biden To Take Bold Action On Criminal Justice Reform Carrie Johnson, NPR

Joe Biden fought this destructive law. 25 years later, he can help repeal it. Radley Balko, Washington Post

Poll: Use Clemency Power to Fight Mass Incarceration Molly Greene and Seth McElwee, The Appeal

Senate Begins Considering Diverse Slate of Biden Judicial Nominees Carl Hulse, New York Times

A Biden Judge Would Be the First-Ever Muslim on the Federal Bench. Some Muslims Are Furious. Aymann Ismail, Slate

Lawmakers, advocates to call for “clean slate” bill Nick Reisman, Spectrum News

Some Manhattan DA Candidates Draw A Line Against Life in Prison Sentences Sam Mellins, The Appeal

Colorado is changing how it sentences people found guilty of felony murder Alex Burness, Denver Post

Podcast: What Makes a Murderer? The Atlantic

The Secrets of the World’s Greatest Jailbreak Artist Adam Leith Gollner, GQ

AM Stories

Police Reform Doesn’t Work Michael Brenes, Boston Review

“Why Are You Shooting Me?” The Family of Anthony Alvarez Is Waiting for Answers Jamie Kalven and Madison Muller, The Intercept

In North Carolina, a Familiar Pattern After the Police Killing of Andrew Brown, Jr. Belle Boggs, Slate

Private Autopsy Shows Deputies Shot Andrew Brown Jr. 5 Times Richard Fausset, New York Times

Andrew Brown Jr.’s shooting exposes ‘enduring flaws’ in policing, experts say Erik Ortiz, NBC News

Policing Is Not Broken, It’s ‘Literally Designed to Work in This Way’ New York Times

What Was Different This Time Sonali Chakravarti, The Atlantic

With Slow Progress On Federal Level, Police Reform Remains Patchwork Across US Becky Sullivan, WNYC

Civil Rights Group Calls On Justice Dept. To Suspend Local Police Grants Carrie Johnson, NPR

With dozens of reforms already in place, NJ presses for policing changes Colleen O’Dea, NJ Spotlight

Defunding Or Police Accountability? What San Antonio’s Prop B Could Do To Police Collective Bargaining Joey Palacios, Texas Public Radio

Bridging the Divide Between the Police and the Policed Saki Knafo, The New Yorker

The Media Is Finally Addressing Its Police Report Problem Julia Craven, Slate

Police Convictions Are Not the Goal. Abolitionists Have Bigger Dreams. Kelly Hayes, Truthout


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