PM Stories

With the majority of corrections officers declining the COVID-19 vaccine, incarcerated people are still at serious risk Wanda Bertram and Wendy Sawyer, Prison Policy Initiative

Dozens of inmates at a prison in Iowa are recovering after receiving overdose amounts of the Pfizer vaccine Ann Hinga Klein, New York Times

DC officials ignore growing pressure to end 23-hour COVID lockdown at jail Peter Jamison, Washington Post

Pandemic makes separation scarier for people with family in prison Alexander Testa and Chantal Fahmy, Houston Chronicle

These Mississippi teens escaped life without parole. But they will still die in prison. Jimmie E. Gates, Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting

Blame Anthony Kennedy for the Supreme Court’s Mangled Ruling on Juvenile Life Without Parole Matt Ford, New Republic

The Florida Supreme Court Won’t Let Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana Mark Joseph Stern, Slate

Sex Work Prosecution Changes in New York Are a Welcome Step – but Not Enough Natasha Lennard, The Intercept

Baltimore state’s attorney: A year ago, I stopped prosecuting low level offenses. Here’s why – and what happened Marilyn J. Mosby, Baltimore Sun

Reimagining Criminal Justice in ‘Philly DA’ Thom Powers, WNYC

Three Things Victoria Law Wishes You Knew About Mass Incarceration Madison Feller, Elle Magazine

When a Cold Case Turns Deadly Sarah Weinman, New York Times

The Search for a Ranger Who Was Lost and Never Found Brendan Borrell, Outside Magazine

The Tragedy of Harry Uzoka Alexis Okeowo, New York Times Magazine

AM Stories

The American Addiction to Violence Sasha Abramsky, The Nation

‘A Horrendous Tragedy’: The Chaotic Moments Before a Police Shooting in Columbus Kevin Williams, Jack Healy, and Will Wright, New York Times

We Are Fighting for a World Where Ma’Khia Bryant Would Have Lived Amna A. Akbar and Treva B. Lindsey, Truthout

Columbus Grapples With Police Shootings That Have Taken Black Lives Will Wright, Lucia Walinchus, and Kevin Williams, New York Times

Report Sheds Light On The Pattern Of Over-Policing That Led Cops To Pull Over Daunte Wright Samantha Schuyler, The Appeal

How Police Gained Control of America’s Roadways Ann Givens, The Trace

Get police out of the business of traffic stops TJ Grayson and James Forman Jr., Washington Post

Collective Bargaining Rights for Police Linked to Increase in Non-White Civilian Deaths Michael Gelb, The Crime Report

We must end ‘qualified immunity’ for police. It might save the next George Floyd Killer Mike, The Guardian

This is what it took for Derek Chauvin to be convicted Radley Balko, Washington Post

Derek Chauvin’s Trial Was an Experiment in Pandemic Justice Laura Kusisto and Deena Winter, Wall Street Journal

21 Experts on What the Verdict Means – and Where to Go From Here Politico Magazine

Buoyed by Floyd Verdict, Congress Eyes New Bid to Overhaul Policing Catie Edmondson and Nicholas Fandos, New York Times

Police chiefs hail Chauvin verdict as a key step to healing Michael R. Sisak and Jake Bleiberg, AP News

The Moment Minneapolis Heard Justice Tarkor Zehn and Justin Miller, New York Magazine

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