PM Stories

The Significance of the Derek Chauvin Verdict David Remnick and Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker

Derek Chauvin, convicted of murdering George Floyd in Minneapolis, is led away in handcuffs Chao Xiong and Paul Walsh, Minneapolis Star Tribune

How Derek Chauvin became the rare police officer convicted of murder Mark Berman, Washington Post

Derek Chauvin Verdict Brings a Rare Rebuke of Police Conduct John Eligon, Tim Arango, Shaila Dewan, and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, New York Times

Chauvin’s Conviction Is the Exception That Proves the Rule David A. Graham, The Atlantic

Derek Chauvin Was Not an Aberration Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

‘Still much work to be done’: artists and US museums react to Derek Chauvin conviction in George Floyd murder trial Gareth Harris and Anny Shaw, Art Newspaper

“One Guilty Verdict Doesn’t Satisfy That Appetite for Actual Change”: Why Derek Chauvin’s Trial Is Not the End of the Fight Molly Schwartz, Mother Jones

Whatever happened to police reform legislation? Sarah D. Wire, Los Angeles Times

What Police Impunity Looks Like: “There Was No Discipline as No Wrongdoing Was Found” Eric Umansky, ProPublica

As Frustrations Toward Chicago Police Mount, Another Attempt At Reform Stalls At City Hall: ‘We’re Out Of Runway’ Justin Laurence, Block Club Chicago

Oakland Takes First Steps Toward Directing Some 911 Calls To Community Responders Eliyahu Kamisher, The Appeal

Putting More People in Jail Won’t Reduce Crime in Dallas. Will Violence Interrupters? Alex Macon, D Magazine

AM Stories

Compliance Will Not Save Me Ibram X. Kendi, The Atlantic

Few Charges, Fewer Convictions: The Chauvin Trial and the History of Police Violence Aidan Gardiner and Rebecca Halleck, New York Times

‘God Knows What’s Going to Happen’: Minneapolis Braces for Verdict in Floyd’s Death Tim Arango, New York Times

Assault or ‘reasonable’ policing? Takeaways from Derek Chauvin trial’s closing arguments as jury begins deliberations Tami Abdollah, USA Today

Derek Chauvin’s trial is a teachable moment. Here’s how classrooms are discussing it. Alia Wong, USA Today

Watching the Derek Chauvin Trial With Families Affected by Police Violence Nilo Tabrizy and Débora Souza Silva, New York Times

Police have fatally shot 22 children under age 16 since 2015 Philip Bump, Washington Post

Murder of Adam Toledo Is Latest in Long History of Anti-Latinx Police Killings Amy Goodman, Truthout

With Mayor Lightfoot and Chicago officials placing blame on everyone except police, how does Little Village heal after Adam Toledo’s shooting? Kelly Garcia, The Tribe

As New Police Reform Laws Sweep Across the US, Some Ask: Are They Enough? Steve Eder, Michael H. Keller, and Blacki Migliozzi, New York Times

Anti-riot laws vs. police reform as the US waits for Chauvin verdict Zachary B. Wolf, CNN

Florida Adopts Nation’s Toughest Restrictions On Protests Greg Allen, NPR

Florida GOP says a new law will stop riots. Critics say it’s an ‘outrageous’ ploy to end protests. Teo Armus, Washington Post

Republicans’ Criminalization of Protest and Cops’ Crackdown on Journalists Go Hand in Hand Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

Jelani Cobb on the killing of Daunte Wright, the Derek Chauvin trial, and how to tell the whole story Amanda Darrach, Columbia Journalism Review

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