PM Stories

1 in 3 state prisoners tested positive for COVID-19, report says Luke Barr, ABC News

As states expand vaccines, prisoners still lack access Katie Park, Ariel Goodman, and Kimberlee Kruesi, AP News

As supply increases, are South Florida jail inmates getting COVID-19 vaccines? Skyler Swisher, South Florida Sun Sentinel

‘A turning point’: Thousands in Pa. prisons will be offered COVID-19 vaccine Joseph Darius Jaafari, Philadelphia Inquirer

Leaving Prison During the COVID-19 Pandemic Michelle Griego, KPIX

Out of jail, desperate for a home Jennifer Jones Austin, New York Daily News

The US spends billions to lock people up, but very little to help them once they’re released Casey Kuhn, PBS

Voting Rights Restoration A Good Step But New York Must End Blanket Disenfranchisement Jarret Berg, Gotham Gazette

Virginia Gov. Northam restores voting rights to 69,000 former felons with new policy Fredreka Schouten, CNN

Why This Group Wants Every DA Office In Mass. To Have A ‘Conviction Integrity Unit’ Deborah Becker, WBUR

A Detective Was Accused of Lying. Now 90 Convictions May Be Erased. Troy Closson, New York Times

Florida man freed from death row after 30 years in prison Joe Mario Pedersen, Orlando Sentinel

‘Turning Pain into Power’: How Three Women Fought for Justice Janos Martin, The Crime Report

Mary Kathryn Nagle Changes the Story, in Court and Onstage Daniel Pollack-Pelzner, The New Yorker

A Conversation With The Director Of Oscar-Nominated Documentary ‘Time’ NPR

Garrett Bradley Reminds Us That Black Joy Always Existed Roberta Smith, New York Times

AM Stories

America’s Next Insurgency Daniel Block, Washington Monthly

What an analysis of 377 Americans arrested or charged in the Capitol insurrection tells us Robert A. Pape, Washington Post

Capitol Rioters Face the Consequences of Their Selfie Sabotage Elizabeth Williamson, New York Times

Surveillance Nation Ryan Mac, Caroline Haskins, Brianna Sacks, and Logan McDonald, BuzzFeed News

Our ‘Normal’ Responses to Mental Health Crises Are Not Working Mary Grace Ruden, Current Affairs

Amid outcry, states push mental health training for police Farnoush Amiri, AP News

Mayor Lightfoot calls for immediate creation of new police foot-pursuit policy in wake of 13-year-old’s shooting by officer Jeremy Gorner and Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune

Rochester Police Department Has ‘Pervasive Problem of Racism,’ Suit Says Rebecca Davis O’Brien, Wall Street Journal

Police keep using force against Black citizens in Rochester. And the demands for change keep growing. Griff Witte, Washington Post

Police Chief Refutes Derek Chauvin’s Claim That He Did What He Was Trained to Do Jacob Sullum, Reason

The Blue Wall of Silence Is Crumbling Around Derek Chauvin Elie Mystal, The Nation

Derek Chauvin Trial Breaks ‘Blue Wall Of Silence,’ But Will It Transform Policing? Steve Inskeep, NPR

The Forgotten History of the Western Klan Kevin Waite, The Atlantic

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