PM Stories

Can prosecutors truly be progressive? Iman Freeman and Matt Zernhelt, Baltimore Sun

The Progressive Prosecutor KALW

“VC Lives Matter”: Silicon Valley Investors Want to Oust San Francisco’s Reformist DA Samantha Michaels and Lil Kalish, Mother Jones

Mass. AG Pays Law Firms $1M To Defend Ex-Prosecutors In Drug Lab Scandal Deborah Becker, WBUR

How private prisons turned criminal justice into big business Vanessa Taylor, Mic

The economic costs of pretrial detention Will Dobbie and Crystal S. Yang, Brookings

Too Many People Are Locked Up for Small Thefts Editorial Board, New York Times

Texas Gov. Abbott Says Bail Reform Is A Legislative Priority, But How To ‘Fix’ The System Is Still In Dispute Texas Public Radio

Convictions by non-unanimous juries were banned in 2020. What happens to those imprisoned by them? Tom Casciato, PBS

They Served Their Sentences. Now They Want To Know When They Can Go Home. JD Tuccille, Reason

For inmates released during COVID, online-everything makes coming home a digital headache Maria Burnett, USA Today

Poet Ra Avis Wants You To Understand That Formerly Incarcerated People Are Just Like Everyone Else Kara Jillian Brown, Well + Good

Review/Preview: Ethical True Crime Podcasts WNYC

‘After the Murder of Albert Lima’ Review: Justice His Own Way Robert Daniels, New York Times

AM Stories

The Return of Mass Shootings Adam Gopnik, The New Yorker

What the Media Has Learned Since Columbine Michael M. Grynbaum and John Koblin, New York Times

Can New Gun Violence Research Find a Path Around the Political Stalemate? Sheryl Gay Stolberg, New York Times

Senate Republicans Argue Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police Are to Blame for Gun Violence Matt Cohen, Mother Jones

The Way We Think About “Mass Shootings” Ignores Many Black Victims Champe Barton, Slate

Fighting America’s Gun Plague Ian Frazier, The New Yorker

Inside the Community Patrols in San Francisco’s Chinatown Samantha Michaels, Mother Jones

Sheila Nezhad Says Police Are Not the Path to Public Safety in Minneapolis Joshua Vaughn, The Appeal

The world saw George Floyd’s final minutes. Now it will see whether he gets justice. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

Heavy burden for jurors in case of George Floyd’s death Politico

Amid Chauvin Trial, Advocates See Hope for Jury Diversity Mike Moen, Public News Service

The Chauvin Trial Matters, But Real Victory Would Mean Divestment From Policing Amy Goodman, Truthout

The County Where Cops Call the Shots Farah Stockman, New York Times

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