PM Stories

The death penalty ended sooner than expected in Virginia – and not soon enough Theresa Vargas, Washington Post

Why has it been so easy to send innocent people to Florida’s death row? Editorial Board, South Florida Sun Sentinel

Is this the year Nevada ends the death penalty? April Corbin Girnus, Nevada Current

Bill would further limit solitary confinement, require transparency about how often practice is used Michelle Rindels, Nevada Independent

Lawmakers propose sentencing reforms as state prisons near crisis. Will any pass? Grace Toohey, Orlando Sentinel

New York Must Offer Vaccine to All Prisoners Immediately, Judge Rules Troy Closson, New York Times

As Crime Rises, NY Prosecutor Candidates Vow to Rein In Office Patricia Hurtado, Bloomberg

Orleans DA Williams fights mass incarceration while being tough on violent crime WGNO

Study Shows No-Prosecution Policies for Misdemeanors Lead to Less Crime The Crime Report

Time for the Next Step in Federal Justice Reform: Rethinking Drug Laws Brendan Belair, The Crime Report

New York lawmakers reach agreement to legalize recreational marijuana The Guardian

‘Kinder, Gentler Cages Are Still Cages’: How Prison Abolitionists Are Working Towards a Less Carceral Future Jessica Moulite, The Root

Mariame Kaba’s Vision of Abolition Elias Rodriques, The Nation

Nicole Jones’ documentary ‘The Third Strike’ brings humanity to the dehumanizing criminal justice system Emma Danon, Columbia Spectator

AM Stories

Murder trial of Derek Chauvin, officer charged in George Floyd’s death, gets underway Holly Bailey and Kim Bellware, Washington Post

Why Minneapolis Was the Breaking Point Wesley Lowery, The Atlantic

Derek Chauvin trial represents a defining moment in America’s racial history Reid Forgrave and Maya Rao, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

What Derek Chauvin’s trial in the death of George Floyd means for America Holly Bailey, Washington Post

A Jury Expert Defends the Derek Chauvin Trial Jury Aymann Ismail, Slate

Derek Chauvin trial: Why role of TV cameras could come into focus Joshua Nevett, BBC News

Minnosota police reform debate plays out in legislators’ Zoom backgrounds Briana Bierschbach, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Ten Months After George Floyd’s Death, Minneapolis Residents Are at War Over Policing John Eligon and Tim Arango, New York Times

NYPD officers are no longer protected from civil lawsuits after city council passes police reform legislation Taylor Romine, CNN

New York City Council Approves Package Of Police Reform Bills After Voting To End Qualified Immunity For Officers Andrea Grymes, CBS New York

City Council’s Police Reforms Fail To Reduce NYPD’s Footprint, Critics Say Christopher Robbins and Jake Offenhartz, Gothamist

A Police Union Contract Puts Taxpayers on the Hook to Defend Officers When the City Won’t Jake Pearson, ProPublica

This US city was working to cut its police budget in half – then violent crime started to rise Abené Clayton, The Guardian

Who will keep us safe in a world without police? We will Hari Ziyad, Salon

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