PM Stories

The Fight To Transform Criminal Justice Ayesha Rascoe, Andrea Gutierrez, Liam McBain, and Jordana Hochman, NPR

Virginia is about to abolish the death penalty. It was a long, surprising road to get there. Gregory S. Schneider, Washington Post

Bills to Set Bail at $0 in California Pass Initial Hurdles Maria Dinzeo, Courthouse News

Utah’s Hard-Won Bail Reforms Are In Jeopardy Rachel M. Cohen, The Appeal

‘Treat them as humans’: Advocates lobby senators for prison reform Christian Boone, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dragging state prisons into the 21st century Editorial Board, Boston Globe

Vaccine Hesitancy Among Guards and Inmates Could Threaten State Prisons Keaton Ross, Oklahoma Watch

Dozens killed by COVID-19 in KY prisons. Only half of prison staff seek vaccine. John Cheves, Lexington Herald-Leader

Oregon’s Prison Guards Called COVID-19 the “Plandemic” and Spread Vaccine Myths to Inmates, Lawyers Say Tess Riski, Willamette Week

How Prisoners Feel About Getting Vaccinated Nicole Lewis, Slate

Writing from their prison cells, the incarcerated submit testimony about their time in solitary confinement Kelan Lyons, Connecticut Mirror

How Sara Gruen Lost Her Life Abbott Kahler, New York Magazine

‘John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise’: The killer speaks in the definitive history of a Chicago horror Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

How Oakland architect Deanna Van Buren’s passion for restorative justice manifests in her work Donna M. Owens, NBC News

AM Stories

A Guide to Understanding Mass Shootings in America The Trace

10 dead in shooting at a grocery store in Colorado – less than a week after the spa killings in Atlanta Madeline Holcombe, CNN

Spa shootings could be first test of Georgia’s new hate crime law Christina Carrega, Priya Krishnakumar, and Peter Nickeas, CNN

Are the Atlanta Killings a Hate Crime? The Suspect Doesn’t Get to Decide. Irin Carmon, New York Magazine

Biden considers regulating ‘ghost guns,’ other executive actions to curb gun violence Anita Kumar and Laura Barrón-López, Politico

Justice Dept. Said to Be Weighing Sedition Charges Against Oath Keepers Katie Benner, New York Times

The rioter next door: How the Dallas suburbs spawned domestic extremists Annie Gowen, Washington Post

When the Capitol Riot Came Home Shawn McCreesh, New York Magazine

Commission to reimagine police in District grapples with effort to defund Peter Hermann, Washington Post

“Master of All Emergencies” Jay Willis, Slate

How a Colorado town is untangling behavioral health care from the criminal justice system Sady Swanson, Fort Collins Coloradoan

Meet Wyoming’s New Black Sheriff, the First in State History Ali Watkins, New York Times

Is This Q? Jacob Silverman, New Republic

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