PM Stories

Experts say mass incarceration crippled US response to COVID-19 Margaret Pfohl, NBC Montana

After rampant COVID cases and mass vaccines, is California’s prison system nearing ‘herd immunity’? Solomon Moore, Mercury News

Many Juvenile Jails Are Now Almost Entirely Filled With Young People of Color Eli Hager, The Marshall Project

Education in Prison: Remote Learning During COVID-19 Has Failed Students Mary Retta, Teen Vogue

Virginia’s incarcerated can now receive Pell Grants. It will benefit everyone. Gerard Robinson and Rebecca L. Watts, Washington Post

To truly reform criminal justice, women need more access to diversion programs Tracie Johnson, Philadelphia Inquirer

Ending private prisons is not enough. Biden must end the business of incarceration. Ashish Prashar, Insider

Bill Would “Sunset” Old Felony Records That Limit Access to Employment, Housing, And Education Taylor Walker, WitnessLA

She Was Imprisoned for Killing Her 4 Children. But Was It Their Genes All Along? Damien Cave, New York Times

Bombs, grift, true crime: Netflix’s Murder Among the Mormons almost had it all Aja Romano, Vox

The Murder Hornets Nature Doc Disguised as a True-Crime Show Kate Knibbs, Wired

The Dissident Is a True Crime Documentary That Works Backwards Olivia Ovenden, Esquire

AM Stories

The House Passed a Bill Named for George Floyd. It Won’t Stop Police Killings. Mike Ludwig, Truthout

George Floyd Justice in Policing Act: What It Can and Cannot Change About Police Conduct and Accountability NBC4

Lightfoot unveils search warrant reforms Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times

A Florida Lawmaker Introduced Legislation to Remove Traffic Enforcement from Police Meg O’Connor, The Appeal

A Promising Qualified Immunity Decision From a Potential Biden SCOTUS Nominee Damon Root, Reason

‘Nobody Is in Charge’: Capitol’s Secretive Police Board Faces Overhaul After Riot Carl Hulse, New York Times

US suspends federal agent who joined crowd outside Capitol during rampage, lawyer says Brad Heath, Reuters

Court narrows law used to target white supremacists Josh Gerstein, Politico

How a year ‘like no other’ has weighed on Black police officers Hannah Knowles and Lateshia Beachum, Washington Post

The USA Needs a Reckoning. Does “Truth and Reconciliation” Actually Work? Peter Keating and Shaun Assael, Mother Jones

The Great Art Behind Hunter S. Thompson’s Run for Sheriff Brett Sokol, New York Times

Spike Lee Sees the Parallels Vinson Cunningham, The New Yorker

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