PM Stories

How prisons distort American democracy Abdallah Fayyad, Boston Globe

The Fight for People in Prison to Vote Reaches Congress Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

How Cash Bail Reform Could Change The Criminal Justice System Grace Tatter and Meghna Chakrabarti, WBUR

Another COVID-19 Outbreak at the Alamance County Jail Prompts Another Bail Reform Conversation Austin Horne, The Carolinian

COVID-19 crisis in jails underscores issues with mass incarceration Editorial Board, Baltimore Sun

In LA County Jails, Coronavirus Chaos Keeps People Locked Up Longer Chris Gelardi, The Intercept

Fight Over George Gascón’s LA Criminal Justice Reforms Speaks to Larger National Debate Marisa Lagos, KQED

I made a serious mistake as Maryland governor. We need parole reform. Parris N. Glendening, Washington Post

Former Maryland Gov. Changes Stance on Parole, Supports Prison Reform Measures Davis Vanguard

Most Louisiana voters support criminal justice reform to cut costs, allow redemption, poll says Lea Skene, The Advocate

Prisons are getting whiter. That’s one way mass incarceration might end. Keith Humphreys and Ekow N. Yankah, Washington Post

Mississippi to pay Curtis Flowers $500,000 for his decades behind bars Parker Yesko, APM Reports

Everything Bobby Shmurda Has Done So Far Post-Prison Zoe Haylock, New York Magazine

Is Banksy behind this prison-escape mural on the wall of a notorious British jail? Rob Picheta, CNN

‘Murder Among the Mormons’: Series smartly recalls when a forgery scandal turned fatal Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times

AM Stories

Who Deserves to Be Forgiven? Joseph Margulies, Boston Review

When the Left Attacked the Capitol Lawrence Roberts, Politico

Prosecutors fill in details of Proud Boys assault on Capitol Kyle Cheney and Josh Gerstein, Politico

The FBI Has Tracked Down Some Of The Capitol Rioters In Truly Surprising Ways Zoe Tillman, BuzzFeed News

The US government can do more to fight domestic terror without any new laws Seamus Hughes and Bennett Clifford, Washington Post

Activists wary of broader law enforcement after Capitol riot Noreen Nasir and Eric Tucker, AP News

White House backs police reform bill named after George Floyd Dareh Gregorian, NBC News

Ahmaud Arbery’s death sparked some policy change, but one year later his family still awaits justice Nicquel Terry Ellis, Martin Savidge, and Angela Barajas, CNN

Before Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, There Was Ahmaud Arbery Richard Fausset, New York Times

From social club to obstacle to police reform: How the Locust Club came to be Gino Fanelli, Rochester City Newspaper

City Council has a new plan for spending $88 million on LA communities of color Dakota Smith, Los Angeles Times

Amid massive security presence, Minneapolis is turning to grassroots to keep the peace Deena Winter, Minnesota Reformer

Minneapolis Will Pay Influencers to Fight Misinformation During Officers’ Trials Michael Levenson, New York Times

John Oliver argues for an end to drug raids Shannon Larson, Boston Globe

Documentary Asks: Do ‘Women In Blue’ Police Differently Than Male Officers? Terry Gross, NPR

What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in Judas and the Black Messiah Matthew Dessem, Slate

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