PM Stories

The Border Mess That Trump Left Behind Juliette Kayyem, The Atlantic

At the border, confusion, anxiety and hope as US unveils new process for asylum seekers Patrick J. McDonnell and Gabriela Minjares, Los Angeles Times

Immigration detention centers showcase California’s vaccine chaos Ana B. Ibarra, CalMatters

Officials Remain Mum On COVID-19 Vaccines For Immigrant Detainees In Illinois María Inés Zamudio, WBEZ

Judge Was Right to Protect ICE Detainees From COVID-19 ‘Tinderbox,’ Court Rules Tyche Hendricks, KQED

Coronavirus outbreak inside Maryland detention facility sparks class-action lawsuit Antonio Olivo, Washington Post

Missouri has too many older, low-risk prisoners behind bars. This GOP bill would help Editorial Board, Kansas City Star

New Criminal Justice Bill Could Save Oklahoma $134 Million Over Next Decade Quinton Chandler, KOSU

Poverty and Mass Incarceration in New York: An Agenda for Change Ames Grawert, Cameron Kimble, and Jackie Fielding, Brennan Center for Justice

Gov. JB Pritzker signs sweeping Illinois criminal justice overhaul, which will end cash bail starting in 2023 Dan Petrella, Chicago Tribune

Lawmakers vote to make Virginia first Southern state to abolish death penalty Laura Vozzella and Gregory S. Schneider, Washington Post

Mariame Kaba wants us to imagine a future without prisons Char Adams, NBC News

True Crime Gets Its Close-Up Kate Tuttle, New York Times

AM Stories

A Small Group of Militants’ Outsize Role in the Capitol Attack Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, Denise Lu, Eleanor Lutz, and Alex Leeds Matthews, New York Times

More Oath Keeper Suspects Charged in Capitol Riot Plot Alan Feuer and Katie Benner, New York Times

Feds Charge Pa. Cop For Rioting During Capitol Insurrection: ‘I May Need A Job’ Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost

The Rise and Fall of the L. Brent Bozells Timothy Noah, New Republic

Feds now say right-wing extremists responsible for majority of deadly terrorist attacks last year Jana Winter, Yahoo! News

What Drove the Historically Large Murder Spike in 2020? Rob Arthur and Jeff Asher, The Intercept

Collision in Oakland: Move to defund police meets homicide spike Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle

GOP bill would ban defunding police in wave of reaction to 2020 protests Ross Williams, Georgia Recorder

Maryland police reform would repeal officer job protections Brian Witte, ABC News

9 more convictions tossed in infamous Chicago police scandal Don Babwin, AP News

New Orleans police ‘a changed agency,’ but reforms lag, federal monitors find Ramon Antonio Vargas,

Police Misconduct Costs Cities Millions Every Year. But That’s Where The Accountability Ends. Amelia Thomson-Devaux, Laura Bronner, and Damini Sharma, The Marshall Project/FiveThirtyEight

What I Didn’t Learn at Police Academy Rosa Brooks, Washington Monthly

Inside the Strange World of the Police Richard Rayner, The Atlantic

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