PM Stories

Religion and the death penalty collide at the Supreme Court Jessica Gresko, Washington Post

Supreme Court Rebuffs Alabama’s Effort to Bar Pastor From Execution Chamber Adam Liptak, New York Times

NJ Supreme Court denies wide-ranging release of county inmates with COVID-stalled trials Tom Nobile,

Solitary Confinement May Worsen COVID-19 Transmission in Prisons Robin Blades, Undark

Andrew Cuomo’s Refusal to Vaccinate Inmates Is Indefensible Eric Lach, The New Yorker

Falling inmate numbers inspire push for more NYS prison closures Joe Mahoney, North Country Public Radio

As California preps to ‘transform’ its youth prisons, can counties take up the slack? James Rainey, Los Angeles Times

New Orleans DA Jason Williams begins course change from Leon Cannizzaro era on ‘juvenile lifers’ Matt Sledge,

Did Illinois get bail reform right? Criminal justice advocates are optimistic Safia Samee Ali, NBC News

Why we need a law to stop private profiteers who thrive on mass incarceration Liz Granderson, Los Angeles Times

The Cost of Calling My Mom From Prison John J. Lennon, New York Times

COVID-19 Has Made Reentry and Life After Prison Even Harder Terry-Ann Craigie and Ames Grawert, Brennan Center for Justice

Lawmakers pursue limiting public access to mug shots Sophia Eppolito, Washington Post

In Furor Over Poet With Child Porn Conviction, Prison Abolitionists Debate the Limits of Mercy Judith Levine, The Intercept

James Ridgeway’s Solitary Reporting Jennifer Gonnerman, The New Yorker

How a Wrongful Conviction of Murder Birthed Raphael Rowe’s Investigative Journalism Career Trilby Beresford, Hollywood Reporter

Anissa Jordan Took Part in a Robbery. She Went to Prison for Murder. Lara Bazelon, The Atlantic

AM Stories

History Will Find Trump Guilty David Remnick, The New Yorker

As Impeachment Ends, Federal Inquiry Looms as Reminder of Trump’s Role in Riot Alan Feuer and Nicole Hong, New York Times

Most Capitol Riot Suspects Have No Far-Right Group Ties, a Challenge in Fight Against Extremism Joe Palazzolo, Erin Ailworth, and Rebecca Davis O’Brien, Wall Street Journal

The Problem Isn’t Just One Insurrection. It’s Mass Radicalization Zack Stanton, Politico.

Eroding trust, spreading fear: The historical ties between pandemics and extremism Marc Fisher, Washington Post

“I Don’t Trust the People Above Me”: Riot Squad Cops Open Up About Disastrous Response to Capitol Insurrection Joaquin Sapien and Joshua Kaplan, ProPublica

Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting. Peter Hermann, Washington Post

Blue Lives Matter Is Over Charles M. Blow, New York Times

More Surveillance Won’t Solve Right-Wing Extremism Cathy O’Neil, Bloomberg

Law enforcement diversity may improve policing, study shows Christine Fernando and Marion Renault, Los Angeles Times

After shooting, unrest, Wyoming gets its first Black sheriff Mead Gruver, Washington Post

Florida lawmakers introduce several bills to address fair policing Giulia Heyward, Politico

LA County DA Gascón seeking to hire former Rodney King prosecutor to oversee police misconduct cases James Queally, Los Angeles Times

3 Detectives Obtained a False Murder Confession. Was It One of Dozens? Jan Ransom, New York Times

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