PM Stories

Why It’s So Significant That Virginia Looks Set To Abolish the Death Penalty Madeleine Carlisle, Time

Alabama prepares to execute another Black man, under laws going back to slavery Liz Granderson, Los Angeles Times

Alabama moving ahead with first execution in COVID-19 pandemic Melissa Brown, Montgomery Advertiser

‘No way of stopping it’: How COVID-19 invaded Sacramento jail, triggering major outbreak Michael Finch II and Jason Pohl, Sacramento Bee

Los Angeles voters support releasing people as jail population rises amid COVID surge Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza and Sean McElwee, The Appeal

‘You just want to… have a chance’: Ex-offenders struggle to find jobs amid COVID-19 Charisse Jones, USA Today

Tennessee says most former felons can vote. They disagree Adam Friedman, Jackson Sun

California panel calls for overhaul of sentencing laws Don Thompson, Los Angeles Times

Advocates push Illinois to reclassify drug charges, establish prison diversion programs William Clark, Daily Northwestern

Does Mass. need a new plan for a women’s prison – or a better plan to decarcerate them? Marcela García, Boston Globe

New $2.2 million grant will help Philly continue criminal justice reforms Michael Tanenbaum, Philly Voice

The Problems With Public Defense Are Big, But They’re Fixable David Anderson, Current Affairs

For 25 Years, Jimmy Dennis Was a Death-Row Convict. Then One Day, He Wasn’t. Queen Muse, Philly Magazine

Review: Fathers, but Not Yet Men, in the Prison Drama ‘Shook’ Jesse Green, New York Times

AM Stories

5 Takeaways From Day One of Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial Eileen Sullivan, New York Times

Trump’s Lawyers Say Pro-Trump Rioters Had Nothing To Do With Trump Arthur Delaney and Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost

‘Because President Trump said to’: Over a dozen Capitol rioters say they were following Trump’s guidance Olivia Rubin, Alexander Mallin, and Alex Hosenball, ABC News

The feds say he’s an extremist leader who directed rioters. He also had top-secret clearance and worked for the FBI, attorney says. Katie Shepherd, Washington Post

Capitol Riot Prompts A Reckoning Over Extremism In The Ranks Tom Bowman, NPR

The Pentagon Finally Admits It Has an Extremism Problem in the Ranks. But Fixing It Won’t Be Easy. Dan Spinelli, Mother Jones

How to deprogram America’s extremists Kyle Daly, Axios

Hold Them All Accountable Sarah Longwell, The Bulwark

US Will Examine Giving FBI More Resources to Counter Domestic Extremism Julian E. Barnes and Zolan Kanno-Youngs, New York Times

California Voters Demand Police Accountability from Next State Attorney General Kyle C. Barry and Sean McElwee, The Appeal

Full investigation of Manuel Ellis’ death casts new doubts on Tacoma officers’ stories Patrick Malone, Seattle Times

Philly police contract fight is on: FOP seeks 5% ‘accountability’ bonus for body cam use Samantha Melamed, Philadelphia Inquirer

How the Police Bank Millions Through Their Union Contracts Andrew Ford, Agnes Chang, Jeff Kao, and Agnel Philip, ProPublica/Asbury Park Press

Frank Serpico: Police See Themselves as ‘Judge, Jury, and Executioner’ Tana Ganeva, Rolling Stone

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