PM Stories

The death penalty is in the death throes David Von Drehle, Washington Post

What 120 Executions Tell Us About Criminal Justice in America Tom Meagher, The Marshall Project

Did Tennessee Execute an Innocent Man? Emily Bazelon, New York Times

Alabama prepares to execute another Black man, under laws going back to slavery Liz Granderson, Los Angeles Times

Putting Smith to death puts others at risk: Stop Alabama executions during COVID-19 pandemic Stephen Cooper, Montgomery Advertiser

I’m A Public Defender. My Clients Keep Getting COVID-19 While Incarcerated. Liz Oyer, BuzzFeed News

North Carolina Claims Prisoners Who Died of COVID Didn’t Die of COVID Hannah Critchfield and Arabella Saunders, Vice News

A COVID Uprising in America’s Jails Melissa Gira Grant, New Republic

Activists say uprising at city jail facility was a protest of ‘inhumane’ conditions Rachel Rice, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

California panel calls for overhaul of sentencing laws Don Thompson, Los Angeles Times

Jason Williams has vowed never to use the habitual offender statute. What does that mean for criminal justice in New Orleans? Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

The New Menendez Defenders Ezra Marcus, New York Times

Five Hundred Faces of Mass Incarceration (2018) Maurice Chammah, Paris Review

A Dead White Girl, a Black Suspect and Justice on the Jersey Shore Patricia Miller, New York Times

A Parable and Parody of Restorative Justice Judith Levine, Boston Review

Investigating Our Obsession With True Crime Podcasts NPR

AM Stories

America Saw a Historic Rise in Murders in 2020. Why? Jesse Singal, New York Magazine

“Perfect storm” drove major surge in 2020 homicides, report says Erin Donaghue, CBS News

Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2020 Anti-Defamation League

‘Its Own Domestic Army’: How the GOP Allied Itself With Militants David D. Kirkpatrick and Mike McIntire, New York Times

Seditionaries: FBI net closes on MAGA mob that stormed the Capitol Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them. Charlie Warzel and Stuart A. Thompson, New York Times

Feds charge over 200 in Capitol riot. We’ve learned a lot about why it happened. Pete Williams, NBC News

Will Capitol Police fully investigate its own? Chris Marquette, Roll Call

The Police Departments With The Biggest Racial Disparities In Arrests And Killings Samuel Sinyangwe, FiveThirtyEight

How the Killing of Breonna Taylor Is Reshaping Louisville Politics Jerry Iannelli, The Appeal

Chicago Police ramp up reform efforts under federal mandate, watchdog monitor Stephanie Pagones, Fox News

Maryland was first state with a law protecting police accused of misconduct. It may be the first to repeal it. Ovetta Wiggins, Washington Post

Austin Leads the Way in Cutting Police Funding and Using the Money for Housing Candice Bernd, Truthout

What ‘defund the police’ really means Simon Balto, Washington Post

‘Women in Blue,’ and Redefining What It Means to Protect and Serve Pierre-Antoine Louis, New York Times

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