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Virginia, Shifting Left Fast, Moves to Abolish Death Penalty Trip Gabriel, New York Times

Virginia may abolish the death penalty. There’s a racist history behind why a few jurisdictions use it most. Frank R. Baumgartner and Christian Caron, Washington Post

He’s Too Mentally Ill to Execute. Why Is He Still on Death Row After 45 Years? Keri Blakinger and Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project

I Got COVID at Rikers. I’m Still Suffering. Michele Evans, New York Times

Plan called off to shorten sentences of Massachusetts prisoners who get COVID vaccine Bill Hutchinson, ABC News

Workers in LA’s courts are dying of COVID-19 as in-person hearings, trials continue Matt Hamilton, Los Angeles Times

California issues largest COVID-19 penalty to San Quentin State Prison after deadly outbreak Andrew Sheeler, Sacramento Bee

Letting People Out of Prison to Avoid COVID Isn’t That Controversial Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

State Lawmakers Must Pass Bail Reform Now Lindsey Carlson McLendon, The Appeal

ACLU pressing Biden to stick to promise of decarceration with new ad buy Marty Johnson, The Hill

They took Donald Trump to task. Now they’re ready to reshape the justice department Sam Levine, The Guardian

The Trump DOJ Snuck In One Last Effort to Push Junk Science in Court Maneka Sinha, Slate

Freed after 26 years, victim of faulty testimony feels ‘amazing’ Oralandar Brand-Williams, Detroit News

AM Stories

Justice Department Unveils Further Charges in Capitol Riot Katie Benner and Alan Feuer, New York Times

Federal prosecutors top 180 Capitol riot cases, with man seen in ‘American Supremacist’ sweatshirt among the latest Katelyn Polantz, Paul P. Murphy, and Kay Jones, CNN

The Selfie Cops: Obstructing an Official Proceeding Emptywheel

US mulls using law designed to prosecute Mafia against Capitol rioters Mark Hosenball and Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters

Activists wary of broader law enforcement after Capitol riot Noreen Nasir and Eric Tucker, AP News

Facial recognition may help find Capitol rioters – but it could harm many others, experts say Johana Bhuiyan, Los Angeles Times

Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter activists clashed in a Florida suburb. Only one side was charged. Tim Craig, Washington Post

They Were Accused of Messing With Local Officers. Should the Feds Intervene? Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project

Protests In Rochester As Lawmakers Move To Ban Use of Chemical Irritants On Minors Brakkton Booker, NPR

National Police Foundation To Review LAPD’s Response to George Floyd Protests City News Service

Former Columbus Police Officer Is Charged With Murder Will Wright, New York Times

NYPD Anti-Harassment Official Fired Over Racist Online Rants William K. Rashbaum and Ashley Southall, New York Times

The Courts Beat Jaeah Lee, Columbia Journalism Review

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