LOS ANGELES (CNS)  – The Los Angeles Police Department is working to identify officers who may have been attended the pro-Trump rally in Washington, DC or the subsequent insurrection at the US Capitol, Chief Michel Moore said today.

“We’ve heard reports of law enforcement in an off-duty basis, and military, being part of the march, protest, demonstration and insurgency or effort to invade the Capitol and interrupt our national democratic process,” Moore said during Tuesday’s Los Angeles Police Commission meeting.

“This department met yesterday with all of our senior staff and we have instructed that if we learn of anyone who has traveled to this event, the president’s remarks, or was present in Washington, DC on January 6th, that we’re to identify them and identify their involvement,” Moore said.

The department will determine if identified officers engaged in illegal activity, but regardless of conduct, anyone who attended will be ordered to provide an interview with the FBI, Moore said, as officers may be able to provide information about others who engaged in criminal activity at
the Capitol.

One officer reported to the department that he attended the rally but did not participate in any activity at the US Capitol, the Los Angeles Times reported. The officer’s report stated that he was back at his accommodation in Washington when he saw on television the Capitol being stormed.

Further information was not immediately available from the LAPD.

“This is a grievous moment in our time, and in this great democracy, and in the next few days as we move towards this inauguration,” Moore said. “My commitment is for the safety of Los Angeles, by ensuring that we have added deployment of personnel, that we are ensuring the safety of our city facilities, we are monitoring closely with our state and federal representatives on any information strains, tips or leads relative to protest activity here in the Los Angeles region.”

There are no specific threats to the city or risk to infrastructure or elected officials, but Moore said the LAPD will keep monitoring, and Angelenos are urged to speak up if they see something suspicious.

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