PM Stories

How COVID-19 Exposes America’s Addiction to Incarceration Erin Haney and Arthur Rizer, The Crime Report

Southern California Jails Have Become COVID Superspreaders Laura Thompson, Mother Jones

‘I’m scared every day’: Correctional officers, inmates say Texas prisons botched COVID-19 response Tanya Eiserer and Jason Trahan, WFAA

Oregon faces precarious legal position as COVID-19 in prisons lawsuit proceeds Conrad Wilson, Oregon Public Broadcasting

The biggest coronavirus outbreak in Alaska is unfolding in a prison. Will the incarcerated be prioritized for vaccines? Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage Daily News

Federal prisons to prioritize staffers for COVID-19 vaccine and give to inmates when more doses are available Clare Hymes, CBS News

Advocates Call For Changes In Prisons To Reduce Inmates’ Exposure To Coronavirus Nomin Ujiyediin, NPR

“No Choice but to Do It”: Why Women Go to Prison Justine van der Leun, New Republic

Is the Legal System an Effective Solution to Domestic Violence? Alisha Haridasani Gupta, New York Times

With a woman in prison for a stillbirth, California’s murder law is tested Alex Wigglesworth, San Diego Union-Tribune

Anatomy of a Crime Lab: Winning Convictions ‘On the Cheap’ Matthew Nesvet, The Crime Report

False Conviction Daniel Epstein and David Epstein, Slate

How Trump Made a Tiny Christian College the Nation’s Biggest Prison Educator Eli Hager, The Marshall Project

2020 Was Full Of High Profile Crimes By The Rich, The Powerful & The Very Strange Britni de la Cretaz, Refinery29

Portrait of a True Crime Character Jonny Auping, Fort Worth Weekly

A Prison Abolitionist Ceramics Studio Is Helping Change People’s Lives Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Hyperallergic

AM Stories

How will Barr close out his time at Justice? Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney, Politico

Bill Barr was a historically bad attorney general. His resignation shouldn’t rehabilitate him. Scott Lemieux, NBC News

Trump and Barr wrecked the Justice Department. Here are 6 ways Joe Biden can fix it. Donald Ayer, USA Today

Joe Biden’s centrist dilemma: Police groups say he’s gone too far left; activists say he hasn’t gone far enough Kristine Phillips, USA Today

Fatal Force Washington Post

For years, California police agencies have rejected almost every racial profiling complaint they received James Queally and Ben Poston, Los Angeles Times

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration tried to block TV station from airing body camera footage of police raid on wrong home Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune

Detective Erik Kammerer Is Investigating a Police Shooting While Being Investigated for His Own Use of Force Latisha Jensen and Tess Riski, Willamette Week

The Rise and Fall of a Celebrity Police Dog Ryan Martin, The Marshall Project

Voters’ perceptions of crime continue to conflict with reality John Gramlich, Pew Research Center

Transforming Criminal-Legal System Reporting in Philadelphia Free Press

Defund the crime beat Tauhid Chappell and Mike Rispoli, Nieman Lab

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