PM Stories

Jail Deaths Are a National Disgrace CJ Ciaramella, Reason

As more women fill America’s jails, medical tragedies mount Peter Eisler, Linda So, Jason Szep, and Grant Smith, Reuters

Report: Corrections officials in Louisiana failed to protect inmates, staff from COVID-19 Nicholas Chrastil, The Lens

Inmates sue El Paso County jail for failing to provide masks, alleging lack of COVID-19 precautions Elise Schmelzer, Denver Post

Prisoners have been excluded from COVID vaccine plans, and health experts are sounding the alarm Sam Meredith, CNBC

Amid the pandemic, ‘Ear Hustle’ pivots to covering COVID within prison’s walls Rahsaan Thomas, Current

Exclusive: Read Elizabeth Warren’s Scathing Report on “Corrupt” Prison Audits Madison Pauly, Mother Jones

Even as COVID-19 slows justice system, federal executions outnumber all states combined for the first time Kevin Johnson, USA Today

Death Penalty Hits Historic Lows Despite Federal Execution Spree Death Penalty Information Center

Dozens of members of Congress call on Biden to end the federal death penalty Christina Carrega, CNN

Stop Putting Kids Behind Bars, Report Urges Emily Riley, The Crime Report

DC Passes Bill to Give Young Offenders Chance at Reduced Sentences Hailey Fuchs, New York Times

Minnesota Commutes Life Sentence Of Man Convicted As Teen Of Shooting 11-Year-Old Vanessa Romo, NPR

A Photographer and an Inmate Exchange Ways of Seeing Chris Wiley, The New Yorker

‘Finding Yingying’ Review: Vanishing Point Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times

AM Stories

William Barr Is Out as Attorney General Katie Benner, New York Times

Bye-Bye, Bill Barr Mona Charen, The Bulwark

Who Is Jeffrey Rosen, Who Will Succeed Attorney General William Barr? Aruna Viswanatha, Wall Street Journal

California needs a new top cop. Here’s what Gov. Gavin Newsom will consider Patrick McGreevy and Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times

What Happened to Promises to Disband the Minneapolis Police? Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

Police Say Seizing Property Without Trial Helps Keep Crime Down. A New Study Shows They’re Wrong. Ian MacDougall, ProPublica

Cops Could Use First Aid to Save Lives. Many Never Try. Taylor Elizabeth Eldridge, The Marshall Project

Excited Delirium: The controversial syndrome that can be used to protect police from misconduct charges CBS News

Defund Campus Police AT McWilliams, Slate

Proposed ‘Javier Ambler Law’ would ban reality TV and police partnerships Tony Plohetski, Austin American-Statesman

What Black People Really Think About the Police Shom Mazumder, New Republic

Why I Became an Abolitionist Brea Baker, Harper’s Bazaar

Abolition Is Not Complete Eric Foner, New York Times

2020’s murder increase is ‘unprecedented.’ But is it a blip? Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor

Sheriffs, Criminologists Worried About Coming FBI Crime Data Loss Mark Greenblatt and Mark Fahey, Newsy

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